Has Anyone Tried The Snoogle Pillow

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R - October 16

I'm having trouble getting comfortable in bed is anyone using the snoogle body pillow? I think I'm going to order it.


amanda - October 16

I haven't but everyone one I know says it is the best investment. I just never spent the money for it.


Dustie - October 17

I use the "Cuddle Pillow" by The Bobby Company. It is fine, but if I had it to do over, I would look for something different. The stuffing separates and leaves gaps, but it is ok. Go to www.babycenter.com and see what all they have to offer.


K - October 18

I just bought the Snoogle on Sunday, so I have only used it two nights. So far there are good and bad things with it. I do sleep on my side longer without waking up uncomfortable, and it has stopped the hip pain I was getting sleeping on my side, which is great. The problems I have with it are 1) the end that goes under your head is not nearly as soft as my normal pillow and it makes my neck ache a little. I am trying to use my regular pillow and wrap the snoogle around the edge of it, but if I move the Snoogle sometimes moves and poke me in the head and wakes me up and 2) I get horribly hot with that huge pillow wrapped around me. Even with just a sheet over me, I can't take the heat. Both nights, I have thrown the Snoogle out of bed after about 5 hours because it is just too hot. I'm still going to keep it and use it because to me getting rid of the hip pain and being more comfortable at least for a few hours is worth the problems. If you have a Babies R Us where you live, they have them in the store and I have heard people have had no problem returning them there if they try them a night or two and can't stand them.


kr - October 18

I have been using the snoogle for 2 months. It was great way for me to transition from tummy sleeping to side sleeping. It has stayed firm and kept it shape. It also has a pillowcase for washing ( a little tough to work with, but worth having a clean pillow). I also plan to use it for on the floor nursing. Like K, I have had trouble with sheets, but I opted to just forget about the top one. It is way better than trying to get 3 or 4 pillows in the right order.


Tara - October 22

Ive had the snoogle body pillow for about 5weeks and it is great you just have to work with it i am naturally a stomach sleeper and i mean the fall flat on your face postion so it was hard trying to adjust for about 2 weeks but lately i have pushed it aside just to see if i could sleep on my side without it and it worked most of the time but i have also found that if i have my husband use it the correct wayand i lay facing him and wrap myself along the other side of it we are both very comfortable and since then i havent gotten up once at night to pee i sleep a full 7-8hours straight so for a stomach sleeper with a bedhoging husband this was the best investment i have ever made.


R - October 23

Thanks ladies, I started using the snoogle and so far it's working out pretty good for me!


kr - October 24



val - October 27

I was thinking of buying the snoogle and trying it, I think I will for sure now!


R - October 27

Val, I'm glad I did decide to buy it. I'm sure it will help as I get further along too. Will try just about anything to get comfy!! lol


jena - October 31

is this the one by Leach Co? i have that one (I think they sell it on babycenter.com) - and LOVE IT! i too was a tummy-sleeper (can't wait for that again!) but this is the next best in my mind.



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