Having Child With A Business Not With A Man Need Advice

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kristina1980 - February 21

Hi, my fiancee, soon a husband to be is a busienss owner of 2 small business. I am full time college student. when I found out I am pregnant I quit my job at the college, just to be more around, and help him. however, I still work 40 hours/week, he works 60. We don't have ANY time at all for anything. Only thing he talks about is business, and how hard he needs to work to take care of me and the baby once it;s here. We live in Alaska, and there is nothing to do, so we do not spend any extra money for anything. I dont eat like elephant and don't dress like a superstar. we don't even live in a house. we live in apartment that is under our business. I am getting tired of this. I am really thinking once the baby is here, just finish my degree and get he h__l out here with the baby. I know baby need both parents. but this is not life what we have, and it's not getting better. Anyone in similar situation.?


savy - February 22

kristina, my bf also owns his own business and at the beginning of my pregnancy (I'm 35 weeks now), he was very into working hard to take care of me and the baby. I felt a little lonely and left out, but I think it was just his way of dealing with the pregnancy. He was happy, but I don't think he realized what all of it entailed until we started talking about it in depth. He has slowed down a little since then and he's been very supportive, so maybe your fiancee needs time to let it sink in a little more. Just give him some time and remember that your hormones are raging so just try and not to make any life-changing decisions until after the baby is born and your hormones let up. Hope this helps!


kristina1980 - February 22

yeah, you're right. I know my hormones are up and down, and I dont' think I would leave him anyway. he is very happy about the baby too, he just don't say that very often. He might be scared too. this is going to be his 4th kid, he has 3 grownups from previous marriage that he didn't really cared for too much. Well, I guess that's a destiny of business men's wifes hm? Good to know though, there are other ladies like me out there. Hope you have an easy labor and very healthy baby, I am only 13 weeks. Good luck and thanks for advice.



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