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Emily - July 10

I am almost 11 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby and not one day goes by that I am headache free! All day! Everyday! If I don't have a headache it's only for maybe 20 minutes throughout the entire day. My first 2 pregnancies were nothing like this! Anyone else suffering? I try not to take anything since it is the first trimester, but when I do take Tylenol, it doesn't even take the edge off. I tried more water, exercising more, exercising less, sleeping more, sleeping less...even now..oh my head!


miranda - July 11

I hear you!! I've had the same problem ever since the start of this pregnancy. I even ended up in the er with one when I was 10 weeks. I am now 30 weeks and for me they have gotten less intense, but more often. I have found that ice packs on my neck and forehead help a little, and also a good couple doses of extra strength tylenol, which my dr said was fine. It doesn't always take it away but it makes it more bearable. I understand that you want to avoid meds during 1st trimester, but keep in mind too that when you are stressed you could stress the baby, so you do want to keep yourself as pain free as possible without going overboard. Just hang in there, pregnancy doesn't last forever. I've somehow made it to 30 weeks!


miranda - July 11

just in case you misunderstood - I didn't mean to take both doses of tylenol at the same time - just that it takes a couple doses (I wait 8 hrs in between) to make it start to feel better.


Jbear - July 11

I had headaches in the beginning of the second trimester that were severe enough that I asked my doctor for some pain meds stronger than tylenol. I was vomiting and seeing spots from the pain. If yours get that bad, don't hesitate to ask your doctor about stronger meds. They won't give you regular migraine medicine, because it's not safe during pregnancy, but there are things that are safe.


Emily - July 11

Thanks Miranda and Jbear...I go for my first dr. appt tomorrow and will ask about it. I can't believe here in our area, the drs wait so long before they see you! I am not sure what is worse, the headaches or the feeling like I am starving to death all the time. Very weird. Thanks for the advice.


KrisD - July 11

Hi Emily - I know exactly what you are going through. For the first 5 months I had such severe headaches I ended up going to a neurologist and got codeine. Don't be afraid to take the tylenol, pregnant women have been taking it for a long time now, and it is much better then to suffer all day long. I would take it at the first sign of a headache and see if that helps (I would wait till I could not take the headache any longer, than pop some tylenol, and of coures it wouldn't help at all by then). Also, I would take it with a little bit of caffeine and that would help quite a bit. Like Miranda said, I did the icepacks too. They would get me to sleep anyway. Make you sure you stress how much they bother you when you do see your dr - I mean, if they are interfering with work, sleep, or whatever. My dr sort of brushed it all aside till I started losing weight and ended up crying in here office. But hang in there!! My neurologist told me that the headaches almost always go away as your hormone levels start to taper off. Mine did!! GOOD LUCK!


esther - August 17

i am 9 weeks and having horrible headaches and blurry vision.i hopes your questions and answers would help me.nothing has helped me yet.


Emily Again - August 25

I am now 16 weeks and STILL have headaches all day everyday. When will the "hormones level off" I am tired of hearing people say that. In 5 days I will be in my 5th month. I am getting frustrated.


Understanding - August 26

I had the same problem with my fourth pregnancy. The headaches were so intesne that I could not lay my head upon a pillow or rest it back on a soft chair. It was excruciating. Please do talk to your doctor about this. It is common in pregnancy, so try not to stress. My headaches lessened slightly after the birth, but continued for a while, until I was tested and everything came up clear. THen they gradually subsided and are now (middle of fifth pregnancy) only an occasional annoyance, implying that stress also increases them. Don't worry, but do tell your doctor and get tested after delivery if they are still bad and you are worried.


ali - September 12

my wife complaining me of severe headache started at 10am till 4pm daily from last 2 weeks and she has 5th month of pregnancy, after took lot of pain killer but didnot get results.please guide us immediately what we have to do?


maxine - September 18

look here for answer!!!!!!! i was taking paracetomel all the time because i had the headaches from hell and i normally never get them. the most best advice in the whole world someone told me is to write down what you have eaten or drunk before your headaches occur i realised it was milk for me soon as i downed some even a little bang huge headache i stopped the milk been great ever since and thank god! and yeah cold flannels help on the head but im cured now!!! so look for the triggers could be sugar, meat ya just never know but make sure you take supplements of what ever you cut out eg calcium for milk


lc - September 25

i get such severe headaches that last all day, i can't do anything. i sleep a lot and take tylenol, it has done nothing, I am only in my 4th week, i don't know if i can last much longer...


K - September 25

I'm 16 weeks and have headaches everyday also. I'm trying not to take anything.


Michelle - September 26

I have migraine headaches before being pregnant, they did taper off in the first trimester but now are reappearing, BIG TIME, my migraine specialist prescribed a stronger narcotic that is supposed to be safe for the baby and they are helping, talk to your doctor and see what helps. I also find warm baths and dimmer lighting helps alot.


ali - September 27

Its sinus problem and got severe headache the problem is cant take antibiotic (Augmentin or etc) but we can take steam daily two time after awaken and before sleep with hot water with mixing of vicks, and can take normal tablet like softin etc.Thanks to Allah she got relief from last two weeks severe pain.


J - September 27

i am 12 1/2 weeks and starting yesterday i got the worst headache. it was making me sick all night. i even woke up in the night with it still pounding in my head. today it is starting again but i hope it will never be like last night again.


Emily - September 27

I am now 21 weeks....I started to complain at 11 wks with my original post. Well, the Dr. said as the hormones taper off and level the headaches would go away. I endured 16 weeks of a permanent headache. All day...everyday...all night and now they are gone except for an occasional headache that is nothing out of the normal! Who would have guessed it would last well into the 2nd trimester. This was after neurologist appointments and almost having a brain mri! There is hope afterall for an enjoyable pregnancy.



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