Heart Burn Possible Hiatal Hernia

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Jill P. - April 25

Hi. I'm only 8 weeks pregnant and my heartburn/acid reflux is almost unbearable. It was suggested that I might even have a hiatal hernia. And sometimes I'm even at a shortage of breath. Is this normal? How long will this last? The entire pregnancy? Is there anything I can do about it or am I stuck being miserable for the next 7 months? Please anyone out there let me know if they're familiar with or have experienced the same symptoms and how did you cope. Thank you very much.


Hoping - April 25

I had severe heartburn in all three of my pregnancies, so I understand. As for the shortnes of breath, I am not sure since that didn't happen until I was much farther along and the baby started filling up my belly and pushing things upward, causing me to feel short of breath. I would ask your doctor about the shortness of breath. For the heartburn I suggest lots of water (as long as that doesn't give you heartburn), cutting back on acidic and spicy foods, eating lots of small meals instead of a few large ones, and Tums (as long as your doctor says that's okay). I am sorry to say that all of this may just make the heartburn more bearable, and not make it go away. The other bad news is that it is highly possible that it will last your whole pregnancy as it did in mine. Hang in there, since it is so early, this may a form of morning sickness for you (otherwise know as all day sickness). Take my word for it everything you will go through will be well worth it when you see that sweet baby. God Bless.


Amy - April 25

My Dr. told me to try things in this order: Tums, if that doesn't help then try Mylanta, and if that doesn't help try Zantac, they are all safe for pregnancy so no worries about that. When I have heartburn/indigestion I eat a few saltine crackers and drink some gingerale, it is a BIG help when used with the regular meds. Hope this helps.


Jbear - April 26

I've never had heartburn, but my dad has a hiatal hernia and his doctor told him to elevate the head of his bed slightly. You can put wooden blocks under the legs of the bed to do this. Also, try wearing a bra that's a little looser...maybe that will help with the shortness of breath.


Catt - May 6

I am 14 weeks and my reflux hasn't stopped!....There is no connection between what I eat or when, or how I sleep etc....(I've been monitoring for almost 4 months)....It just comes out of nowhere sometimes...the acid comes right up causing me to vomit....sometimes Gaviscon helps, but there doesn't seem to be any preventative measures....guess I'll deal unless anyone knows any secrets!!!


pdave19 - May 31

Hi Jill...i sympathise with you fully..i'm going thru my own reflux eosophagial hell in my 5th month of pregnancy, and truly, tho i dont want to disappoint u, just want to share with u that no one has any long term relief measure to offer here...i can tell u what my docs have prescribed: diovol antiflatulent solution, but for someone like me who's already had a history of this severe acid reflux since years now and who's been so dependant on using lansoprazole and omeprazole capsules to just survive, almost literally, from the unbearable sufferring it causes, its like baby stuff, which wont work much, and things get so bad in the absence of better medical counsel, that i prefer to pop the lanzol 30 mg every 4th day no matter what my docs say, as I get wild with irritability resulting from the burning, and anyways, if u surf the net, u mayfind there's no proven study on the effect of consuming lanzol during pregnancy. But like I said, I have decided to take the risk on my own judgement, so please make your own decision...i have heard Alkasol is one more anti flatulent solution. I am sure a more regular lifestyle will certainly make things better, if u are practising a lifestyle which is full of stress: daily late nights, spicy oily foods, untimely meals, too little sleep, etc. I am sure u may have checked this website, but if not, here it is, if it helps: http://www.online-hernia-surgery-information.com/directory/hernia-during-pregnancy.html http://www.refluxremedy.com/2/index.html99.html http://www.heartburn-help.com/_disc3/0000049f.htm http://www.heartburn-help.com/_disc3/00000495.htm http://www.medicinenet.com/lansoprazole/article.htm All the best! Remember that there is no subst_tute to a better lifestyle, althoughI am no expert, just one of those modern day Indians who does respect the tradition of indegenous medicine which also says the same thing, that only a holistic approach to diseases is a long term safe bet, which hopefully modern allopathy is also beginning to recognise..? Will be happy to hear from you at my yahoo.com e-mail with the same initials for my ID! See ya!


Karmen - June 8

I have just started experiencing horrible Acid Reflux at 33 weeks...Tums doesn't seem to work, and neither does eating small meals more frequently, or eating bland foods. I talked with my pharmacist, and he said to try mixing 1 tsp. of white vinegar with 1 tsp. of water and drinking the solution before and after each meal, and believe it or not, it has done the trick! I haven't felt this good in days! I know it is horrible, but I was up for any relief I could get and this has worked like a charm. Just be sure to not eat anything 2 hours before bedtime, and only drink water...soda and juice will only work against you. Good luck, and I hope this works!


Michele - June 11

Hi, I am 10 weeks pregnant and the heartburn is UNBEARABLE. I have lived off Prilosec for so long that I used to die without it when I WASN'T pregnant. It is to the point where I just cry now, because eating or drinking is totally unenjoyable. The one and only relief I have found, and it is a very small one, is eating a popsicle with frozen cream in it. Tums and all other antacids DO NOT TOUCH THIS! IF ANYONE else has this type of heartburn, ANY suggestions would be helpful! Thanks, M


catt - June 25

I've been vomitting every day from reflux/indigestion for 5 months....not heartburn so much as undigested food sitting at the bottom of my esophagus, unable to move due to the acid below...every little burp induces vomitting...was spending $30/week on Gaviscon and nothing helped...I FINALLY found a solution!!!!! Club soda....I drink it all day...I haven't thrown up for a week fingers crossed, and it is way more tolerable than baking soda & water, not to mention easier to find out & about....hope this helps anyone else out there!!!!!!


Allison - July 6

Hi hun, Im 30 wks pregnant, and i can tell ya , mine only got worse, and i never thought it could. One two occations i was on the floors tossing and turning screaming in agony with epigastric pain so bad, felt like my insides were gonna explode, expecially with now having limited room. Even my zantac thats considered safe gives me no relief any more. I think ill have to deal with it later, poss even surgury, good luck, i wouldnt wish this pain on my worst enemy.


Rachael - July 9

I have had acid reflux for years and have been taking prilosec for almost 5 yrs, normally it helps a lot, but I am now pregnant 35 weeks with first baby. In the first trimester, the heartburn and acid reflux were awful, it contributed to me being nauseous 24/7, and went back to normal until just this past week or so. the acid is burning and I'm nauseous and nothing I eat helps, it only makes it worse!


Catt - July 14

....Hope everyone is feeling better...I've found another solution for when I can't get my hands on club soda....good old fashioned Alkaseltzer!....I carry a few packets with me to dump in my water bottle (usually 4 tablets, in about 250/300ml of water)....it's been working like a charm, It's been a month since I've vomitted!...This excites me! Hope it helps.....



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