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kia - November 21

what can i do to stop heartburn i am lactose intolerent so no milk and i dont have any tums handy?


amanda - November 21

Hey there! I am 6 mo. preg. with my 4th baby and have tried everything for heartburn! Milk never really helped me, and you HAVE to get some TUMS!! Try not to eat for a couple of hours before bed and keep a couple of extra pillows handy to prop yourself up a little while you sleep. If you drink carbonated drinks, you might want to cut that out also. Hope this helps!


Mandy - December 2

Mints or sugar free gum is good. Anything to create more saliva which will help heartburn.


syn - December 3

hi Just read that a gla__s of ice what helps. but not to much of it. apparently the ice what pushes the acids down.


Cindy - January 5

Try some plain rice or other whole grain. Maybe some grain bread.


liz - March 20

I get heartburn pretty bad that it causes chest pain, I'm sure everyone is like that. What works great for me, which for some people is not a good idea, is drinking some kinda soda that makes you burb, it relieves some of the ache. I've tried alot of Tums kinda stuff, nothing seams to work, coke for does the trick!


jessica - March 31

apparently apple cider vinager - 1 teaspoon in a gla__s of water before you eat is amazing for heartburn!! i haven't tried it yet as i am not that far along, but i read it in a health book- and my gf swears by it - let me know if it works!!


linn - April 1

How early did everyone feel heartburn? I may be only 2 weeks pregnant, but I am suffering from heartburn, bloating and gas.


Alisha Stinson - April 5

They say try eating smaller meals but sometimes this doesn't even help. I too have heartburn what seems like all the time. Bananas are a natural heartburn soother in case you didn't know. I just keep a bottle of Tums on me wherever I go! Hope this helps...


Lily - April 6

I've always heard that celery is great for heartburn, although I've never tried it.


Kara - June 3

I used Brioschi for both of my pregnancy. I actually found that tums caused me acid reflux. Brioschi is all natural and I found relief to come very fast with it.


lynn - June 3

Try enzymes from the health food store. Also Activated charcoal, but check w/ the dr first.


m - June 6

someone mentioned something about almonds. So I ate some almonds, and I couldn't believe it. My stomach felt normal. It was amazing! I also use Tums, but it's not full relief. It's only a bit helpful. Coke/Pepsi, all sodas give me HB, tomatoes, raw onion, mints.


April - June 22

I went to the store the other day to get some Tums because my heartburn was so bad. Turns out the active ingredient is calcium. Calcium carbonate which is the hardest form of calcium to digest. Since I am lactose intolerent I have been taking a calcium/magnesium supplement throughout my pregnancy. I decided to take more calcium when my heartburn bothered me. It has been working great.


Jessica F. - June 22

Go get some tums it helps so much. and buy some soy milk too. if you make it chocolate soy milk it isn't so bad


Stacey - July 6

My heartburn started mid-pregnancy and has just gotten worse. I don't even have to eat anything for it to strike. Nothing OTC worked (and Tums counteracts your iron absorbancy from your prenatal vitamin). So my OBGYN prescribed Reglan. It is the only thing that has helped me.


blossom - July 6

with the heart burn does your upper back hurt also.....



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