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blossom - July 6

with the heart burn does your upper back hurt also.....


kristin - July 8

I am 8 months pregnant and suffer from heartburn daily! When tums don't work or anything else I use a 1/2 tsp. of baking soda and a 1/2 cup of water. It tastes really nausty but it will make you burp up all that acid stuff.


Katie - July 12

Gaviscon!!!! it might not taste very nice but it works!!! I've suffered from day 1, am now 17 weeks and don't have it as bad!!


anyone - July 19

What causes something to feel like it is in your throat and causes heartburn. I have not had heartburn but something is in my throat that is causing it. My food still go down, but there something is just sitting there.


Sally - July 28

Alot of people told me that lettuce is a great cure for hearburn, try it, maybe it'll work for u !


beth - August 8

I have had horrible heartburn from the 5th month on and I've tried all the antacids and they don't seem to help at all. Fruit and cold milk or ice cream are the only things that I have found that helps at all. Carbonated drinks help sometimes, but other times it just makes it worse. Mine is painful in my chest, back and throat.


Gina - August 11

I am dying. I am in so much pain. I have not slept this week much. Now I have it all day off and on. Mostly on..... I dont know what to do. The doc said to take Zantac. Does anyone take it? I just need sleep. I am 20 weeks.


Vicki - August 15

I am now 8 months pregnant and have dealt with heartburn since about 5 months. You definitely need tums, but tried to stay away from the flavored ones...the dyes are not always the best thing for you or the baby. Also try eating smaller meals throughout the day, and drink lots of water...but be sure to stop drinking the H2O after 4pm to avoid additional urination during the night. Good luck!


Gina - August 16

SOLUTION!! A gla__s of water by the bed with some bi carb soda in it. You need alkaline to deal with the acid. Plus its natural so it cant harm you or baby. Its the only thing that helps me. I have it 24-7 and only 5 mths


Jennifer - August 17

HMMM well thats a truely tough one. Make the investment in gaviscon tablets and take 1 or 2 before you settle down for the night. They were wonderful for me for the beginning of the 9th month, then I had to be prescribed ranitidine. Trust me I can relate, good luck, and drink lots and lots of water try chewing on ice as well. :)


michele - August 26

hi, i am also lactose intolerant & what really helps me is chocalate silk.It also tastes really good.


pooja trehan - August 29

hi! i'm from india and we don't get any tums, apple cider vineger, etc. I'm in my 8th month and have lived with heart burn for many months. My solution is-Whole Fennel Seed, (Foeniculum vulgare) lightly roasted and then ground with little sugar. Keep it with me all the time. Also cures constipation. Works for me :-)


violeta - September 8

Good old fashioned remedy of milk is pretty much the only thing that relieves heartburn. i am 5 pregnant with twins and suffer from h/b quite alot, especially at night, waking up a few times with discomfort and i found that taking a good mouthful of cold milk relieves pain and ur back to a comfy sleep at least for half the night. Try it, it works and its good for you and the baby. Oh... and custard does wanders too.


michele - September 9

hey, i was talking to a couple of girls about my heartburn& was highly recomended papaya tablets from the health food store. its all natural&safe.


tiffany - September 26

i had a large problem w/ milk as well, for some reason although i'm NOT lactose intolerent, dairy gave me horrible indigestion. i tried taking tums, btu they didn't work for me, my suggestion is rolaids soft chews, they're not chalky, they taste kinda good, AND they're $.99 for a package.. my tip though, take one see how that works then add on addtional chews afterward (they suggest to start out with 2-3, i found i didnt need it) -too much antacids is actually bad and can worsen your heartburn.. hope this helps!!


hole in my chest - September 27

tap water gave me heartburn, watching a commercial for mcdonalds gave me heartburn, and i should have had my hubby buy stock in the tums company! my doc told me one zantac at morning and at night, two if it gets really bad. he is now my favorite person in the world, and i worship at the shrine of zantac! lol seriously, if your doc says ok, and you don't want to stick to strictly natural remedies, zantac is the best.



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