Heat And Humidity Affecting Anyone Else

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Jessica NY - August 5

Hi there, I'm 13.5 weeks along now and finally the morning sickness is easing up. I have slightly more energy UNTIL the heat wave. I'm in NYC and not originally being from this end of the world am not accustomed to this kind of heat. As soon as the heat and humidity are up, like Wednesday, yesterday and today (94-97 degrees F with the humidity in the 70% range), I get horribly sick. I've had a mild fever yesterday and today, this is in the AC by the way, sweating more than I can keep up with and my stomach is playing up again. I feel sick constantly, if I eat I want to throw up again. I'm trying to stay cool and drink a lot of fluids but I'm still getting sick, on top of it all, I think all the bouncing from AC to extreme heat is making me catch a cold (even though I'm making sure to drink a lot and wear hats when I have to be outside traveling to and from work). If it continues I'm going to see my doctor. Is anyone else having the same problem or is it just me, it's definitely the heat affecting me but does it affect anyone else like this?


Jbear - August 7

Being pregnant makes you feel warmer than usual. You may sweat more than usual, too. I'm 36 weeks and I live in south Texas, so the heat and humidity have really affected me this summer. My doctor told me hot weather increases swelling and blood pressure problems, too. You're a little luckier than me, because you'll get to spend the last months of your pregnancy in cooler weather. These are the things that have helped me, though: wearing cotton or linen, because they breathe better than synthetic fabrics, not wearing panty hose (thigh highs if you have to wear some sort of stockings), and drinking water (not soda or juice).


Jessica NY - August 7

Thanks so much for the reply Jbear, I was beginning to think that I was going crazy feeling horrible in warm weather. Like you said, luckily I'll be cool in the later stages, I don't think I could handle the heat and being 7, 8 or 9 months. Do you think that we are more prone to heat stroke being pregnant?


Melissa - August 7

I eat a lot of watermelon. Its too hot to cook, so if you buy a water melon and cut it up right when you get it, put it in a container in the fridge. You can eat some whenever you feel like it and at least you are getting fibre and lots of water. FOr me, i have eczema, and the heat and sweating are making it unbareable. I am even hot when we have the air on in our bedroom at night and my hubby is under 3 blankets shivering!


Jbear - August 8

mmmm...watermelon! I bought a seedless watermelon the other day and I'm embara__sed to say I ate the whole thing within two days (it was a small one). I don't know if pregnancy makes us more prone to heat stroke, but I've noticed that when I'm out in the heat for very long, I start having a lot of braxton-hicks contractions (I actually thought I was going into labor at the zoo...I had to sit in someone's air conditioned office until the contractions stopped). I found something that's good for the sweat issue. If you look in the baby aisle, they sell liquid baby powder that goes on like a lotion. I had to start using that because my bra was getting so sweaty.


Jessica NY - August 8

Funny you mention watermelon Melissa, I was dying for watermelon a couple of days ago and sent hubby out for some, being responsible of course he ended up paying $125 for the watermelon, how you might ask? Watermelon $5, not parking correctly $125, seeing hubby's face as I turned down that 3rd slice of watermelon, priceless! LOL I get the sweaty bra thing a lot and now that I don't have that many bras (changed size twice in 3.5 months) it's gross! Is there a certain brand name I should look for with the liquid powder Jbear?


Jbear - August 9

The liquid powder I bought is Huggies, like the diapers. If you're outgrowing the band of your bra, but not the cups, they sell bra extenders that can add another two inches to your bra band. I got one at Walmart, in the sewing department, for about a dollar.


Jessica NY - August 9

Thank you Jbear, I'll definitely be getting some of that. I wish it was just the band that I'm outgrowing but it's the cup size too, I went from a comfortable D to now needing an E cup, my back was a 34 and now I get a 38 to be comfortable and funnily enough I've only gained 3 pounds.


Carolyn - August 10

Hi Jessica NY, I feel you're pain in this heat and humidity. I'm 26 weeks pregnant and live in NYC too, though I recently moved from MA. This is the worst summer for heat and humidity we've had in the Northeast for some time and it is worse when you're pregnant. If keep switching from AC to the extreme heat, you may get dizzy, faint, fatigued, and/or make yourself sick. I agree with Jbear. Try to drink as much water as possible during the day and stay inside with AC. Eat salads, bbq food and things that require no or little cooking in an oven or on a stovetop. Wear cotton or linen and not any synthetic fabrics. Keep hoping for rain and cooler temperatures like 50 degrees at night. Remember, too, by the end of August or beginning of September the weather starts to change and we get cooler temperatures - only a few weeks now. Remind yourself that it's only a few more weeks until this hazy, hot and humid summer finally ends. Thank goodness.


Jbear - August 11

I'm jealous...you get fall weather in a couple of weeks? It will be summer here until late October, most likely.


Kaz - August 11

Hi Jessica, I was 7 months in our summer in Brissie, sounds like similar heat and mugginess as you have. I carried a spray bottle and a hand towel EVERYWHERE. I would spray my clothes and keep the wet hand towel across my shoulders. I'd have surley died without these. In the car I'd lay the wet hand towel across my lap to keep the sun off.


Jessica NY - August 12

Hi Carolyn and Kaz. I've now vowed to say it to myself a few times a day "not much longer, this heat will be over". Everything you have described Carolyn, is exactly it, you wouldn't believe how awful it's made me feel and I'm only 14.5 weeks now! Thank goodness for AC and we were lucky enough to have missed the blackouts that hit some parts of NYC, I hope you were missed too. I must say swimming has been helping too, I've been in the evenings and it really helps me to sleep better and I nod off sooner too which is making me less tired during the day. It's so great to hear that I'm not the only one, sometimes I think my husband thinks I'm playing up when I tell him about all these weird goings on, I guess I just have to surrender to the fact that my body is no longer my own. Anyway, thanks again Carolyn for the reminder about the end of summer, that definitely helps. Keep cool ladies : )


Carolyn - August 15

Jessica NY, I know how you feel. This summer has been unrelenting and feels like it's never going to end. Hopefully, this past weekend, which was a killer, is it. Remember it's only a few weeks until this hazy, hot and humidity ends. I'm sorry Jbear has to put up with this heat until October in South Texas. The heat and humidity are the pits when you're pregnant. I'd keep telling myself that it was a matter of weeks rather than months before it comes to an end. Hang in there Jessica NY and Jbear!


Jbear - August 30

I had my baby two weeks ago, and that feeling of being constantly overheated went away. It's really strange to be cold again, and to be able to go outside without instantly sweating through my shirt. I'm actually able to sleep with a blanket again...it's so nice!



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