Help Gag While Brushing Teeth

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M - June 2

I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant, and I've been having trouble brushing my teeth in the morning and at night. My gag reflex is EXTRA sensitive and I always ended up puking. Any suggestions? Is it OK if I just floss and use mouth wash to avoid throwing up? Any info would be greatly appreciated!


Amy - June 2

I am 13 weeks today and have been having the exact same problem for the past few weeks. I've tried every brand/flavor of toothpaste that the store sells and it doesn't make any difference. I have been flossing and using mouthwash like you've suggested. I'm tired of gagging while brushing. Lol.


sandra - June 2

i had that issue in the first part of my pregnancy as well and i found that gel toothpastes that werent mint flavored such as cinnamon or the new orange didnt make me gag as much and helped quite a bit!!


Q - June 3

I don't have this at all, but I was wondering if it's the toothpaste that's causing it or the fact that the toothbrush is in your mouth? If it's the toothpaste, you could try "natural" toothpastes at health food stores - they don't have such a strong flavour. I don't know - good luck!


Jo - June 4

I am 23 weeks and although my morning sickness is long gone, i still have an exaggerated gag. I went to the dentist yesterday, his wife is 21 weeks, has been complaining of this as well and he had been completely unsympathetic until i described similar problem. it is getting better, now i just take my time, washing my teeth in slow stages and rinsing with mouth wash twice daily. the dentist suggested just salt and water, but think that may be too nauseating. Problem is as pregnancy progresses the gums become softer and bleed really easily and apparently "impeccable dental hygiene is essential" . It definately improves with time.


M - June 6

Glad to hear that I'm not alone on this. I will be going in for my regular cleaning soon. Hopefully, my dentist will be able to give me some additional tips. I will share any new information after my visit.



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