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Maddi - December 18

Hi everyone.I'm a 19 y/o married female(8 weeks pregnant) who is having a bad case of morning sickness and it tends to last all [email protected] day.This is killing me because i'm on constant b!tch mode and I dont like it.I tried everything and nothing is working.Someone PLEASE help me and give me some tips!


A - December 18

Applesauce very cold with red hots in it. Yes the candy kind you decorate with. Works like a charm. I'm in The same boat and my applesauce diet is working.


Sad Girl - December 19

umm lets see, try chewing ice, chewing minty gum, just eat a snack like very 2 hours even if you are not hungry, it helps if ur stomach is never empy,,,my morning sickness was bad too use to throw up atleast 2x a day from week 5-21/22,, GOOD LUCK


c - December 23

Fresh air helps. even though it doesn't sound good, go for a walk it helps.


t - December 30

Theres this med. the obgyn can give you its called Zofran it a pill that desolves on your tongue or they have one you can do ructally. Well good luck.


Shelley - December 31

Someone told me that if you take GINGER it will stop nausea. Also if it is extreme morning sickness your Doc can safely prescribe a med for you.


Maddi - December 31

Hey everyone! Thanks for all the advice!My doc put me on some really good meds.Happy New Year!


lilmama - January 12

Preggie pops! I found them on some website, but you can find them at motherhood maternity stores also


georgiee - January 13

I had gotten a ad cold when I was five weeks pregnant. The doctor said that benedryl is safe to take while you are pregnant. It also helps with nausea and it helps you sleep at night. I am 7 weeks pregnant and am sick all day. The worse seems to be in the morning and at night at bedtime. It is hard to sleep and the benedrly works. He says it is extremely safe for mother and baby.


Heidi - January 19

Try alnything with ginger in it. Ginger beer always worked for me


SS - January 20

I am nine weeks and have severe morning sickness (No vomitting although).I have tried several things and nothing works..except fresh lemon water. I keep some lemon water at hand all day and sip when the syptoms threaten!! Good luck!


Lisa - January 26

Ive got terrible morning sickness as well.The best thing ive found so far is eating really slowly and eating dried crakers throughout the day wen i feel a little bit sick/ hungary..... Were you scared about being pregnant im terrified and im 20 years old..


Maddi - January 26

Yes! I'm soooo terrified but happy at the same time.I've been watching the baby shows and seeing women get that shot in their back and i'm soooooooooooooooooooooooo terrified to get that but who knows.


vicky - January 30

try freshly squezed lemon juice with a little bit of water, then sip slowly.


eyebeeablessing2u - February 3

Go to your doctor and get a prescription for diclectin. I have had ms since week 7 and now I am 18 and have finally got relief from it.... yahoo...


annmaire - February 15

Has anyone tried th diclecton its the wounder drug i tell you ask your doc for info on it its not cheep but it works


SAMMY - February 18

When i had morning sickness i just drank a small gla__s of flat lemonade, it worked wonders for me



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