Hitting Something

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SNOWANGEL85 - June 19

when me and my boyfriend have s_x im at top. he said he feels something hitting the head of his p__s is it the cervix or im pregant. my friends thinks im pregant but i dont think. what u people think please help me


clm0513 - June 19

It's more than likely your cervix. I had the same prob., however, it was me who could feel him hitting something..Spoke to my gyno about it and she informed me that (since my bf was rather endowed) that was what he was hitting..If it's of any discomfort to you, I would def. tell him to not go in as deep...*Also, even if your were preg. he wouldn't be able to feel anything, at least this early* :-)


princessAG - July 7

well were u preggo or not?? i had the same feeling and i wasnt sure either..


Jodie86 - July 7

OMG, lol, me and my dp were the other night (i'm 16 weeks though) And were he thought he was hitting something, we could also see something! It was like seing a heartbeating in a cartoon if that makes any sense! So it could be, but i'm not 100% sure it was that, but thats deff where baby is though!!!!!


SNOWANGEL85 - July 7

But when we have s_x he said he cant feel nuthing no more.so could i stillpossile to be pregnant cuz sometimes i feel so dizzy but only that


krc - July 7

have you guys ever looked at your female reproductive anatomy on a poster or something. There is no way your hitting the baby !!!! The baby grows in your uterus which a p___s cannot penetrate because your cervix is blocking that from happening. I also had the problem with my ex who was well endowed and he would " hit something " when we were in positions that allowed deep penetration. It is perfectly normal and mostly just a discomfort. It could also be your pubic bone he is hitting.


jenniferhanks - July 11

My husband and I had this problem. We had to find new and interesting positions to accomodate his *hmmm* you know. But that's the fun of it. I don't think you are hitting the baby. The baby is well hidden away until ready to come out :)



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