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Sam - October 17

Can you get aids by kissing and making-out? Or can you only get it from s_x?


not telling - October 17

i don't know. That's a good question, but yes i think you can.


rae - October 18

no, you cannot get aids from kissing. aids is a disease that is transfered from bodily fluids, such as blood, s____n, or v____al discharge. you can get aids from oral, a___l, or v____al s_x. you can also get it if you are exposed to blood from someone who is positive, and it gets in a body cavity, or if it comes in contact with something like, say, a cut. any wounds... but saliva does not carry the virus. if you are really worried about it, dont hesitate to get tested, and always ask a doctor about it. while i know some things about it, i dont know everything. a doctor will not judge you, and will not withhold information. always, always use protection. especially if you have a partner who has had *or still does have* multiple partners, hasnt been tested, or is involved in drug use. protection never hurt anyone, but aids definitely has. good luck! hope this helped a little.


Charlene - October 18

I would think it is a possibility if the person with HIV/Aids had an open sore in their mouth. Saliva is a bodily fluid too!!


rae - October 18

while it is a bodily fluid, its not one that contains dna, which is where i was taught, by doctors and by my s_x ed cla__ses (all done in ca. which usually has a good program), the disease comes from. kissing someone with aids will not give you aids, just like sitting on a toilet seat after someone with aids does will not give you aids. you have to have some sort of dna transfer, like the dna in blood, s____n, or v____al fluids. salvia, as far as i know, does not carry dna. and if it does, its not enough to transfer the disease. ..... check with a doctor, though. like i said, they know better than i do.


me - October 18

u can by kissing if theres an open sore, but other then that no, s_x is a VERY easy way to transmit it. if ur going to have s_x make sure u always always use condoms.ever if birth control is being uses.


rae - October 19

looks like i was slightly wrong, but here is a web-site so that you arent getting random conflicting info from all these different people.... try this site, and it will tell you that there is very low amounts of the virus in saliva, and the only way that you can get aids from "french kissing" is if there are open sores.... in which case, kissing is probably going to be too uncomfortable anyhow. but just go and google "aids from kissing" or something like that... seriously, every site says there is very very low risk of getting aids from kissing. im a__suming its happened rarely, so they cant put that you never get it from kissing. like i said, talk to a doctor, because they will be able to give you a test, contraception information, AND legit advice and information, unlike me or anyone else who only know very little about the virus.



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