HORRIBLE Pain In Tailbone

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Erica - February 17

Im 20 yrs old and am 7 months pregnant and started getting a horrible pain in my tailbone a few days ago. It doesnt lessen and wont go away. Its there usually when I sit or lay down and hurts even worse when I try to stand. Has anyone ever had this? Any idea what it could be?


Rachael - February 27

i have the same pain and i am 6 months pregnant... i need to know what this is too!! .....


..... - February 28

if there is a bump under your skin around your tail bone then you may have a boil. I have the same pain when it comes. I use a medication called Boil Ease. It takes the pain away in about 2 days.


wenwen - March 8

I'm 20 too and 32weeks preg. I got this tailbone pain as well and it started when i was abt 5 mth until now. I think it is cos i fell while agggro skating before my pregnancy n hurt my tailbone... and no.. i have no bump there.. :(


chelle - March 9

I had the same problem with my 1st child. Are you ladies carrying low? I sure did. The docs told me that pressure from the baby can cause this. Their concern was that if my tailbone was curving that it could possibly break during delivery. Not to scare anyone. It didn't happen. They said that was rare to happen. I really don't know if it would have had I carried full term. I had my son at 7mons. He weighed 3lbs 2oz. I would talk to your doc about it though. It may be nothing to be concerned about. I didn't experience at all with my 2nd child, but am already starting to feel it with my 3rd. The seat in my car seems to be the worst. Good Luck ladies


E - March 10

I am starting prenatal physical therapy tomorrow due to extreme lower back/tailbone pain. It is excruciating. I called my OB this morning and asked her to refer me. She did not hesitate in the least. I suggest the same for anyone in pain during the 3rd trimester. Better to tackle it prior to labor, in my opinion. It can help strengthen the back and make for an easier delivery. I do not know what I will do if I go into labor b4 this is fixed. I have only a few weeks to go. I am carrying very low right now, and the baby is head down, against the cervix. OUCH!!


rtekn - March 14

http://www.spineuniversity.com/public/spinesub.asp?id=89 During pregnancy, female hormones are released that allow the connective tissues in the body to relax. The relaxation is necessary so that during delivery, the female pelvis can stretch enough to allow birth. This stretching results in changes to the SI joints, making them "hypermobile" - extra or overly mobile. During pregnancy, the SI joints can cause discomfort both from the effects of the hormones that loosen the joints, and from the stress of carrying a growing baby in the pelvis. Very common - stretches in pregnancy and is very painful - I am on baby 4 and this is the worst it has been.


Alexia - March 17

Im 18 & 6 months pregnant. I've been having really bad pains in my tailbone too. I havent asked my doctor about it, but i think its the same thing as when your hips and stuff hurt real bad,( something to do w/ ligaments, and your body making room for the baby to come out). So take comfort in the fact that it is normal, I know other people who went through the same thing. But if you are still worried, then maybe you should ask your doctor about it. He/she could tell you for sure why you're having these pains & if you should be worried.


linda - March 17

I'm 16 weeks pregnant, and I've had a pain in my tailbone for a couple of weeks now. I'm not too worried about it though. I know that when you're pregnant lots of things happen to your body without it being dangerous. But it's obviously good to check that it's normal for other women aswell! ;)


Lori - March 17

I'm 31 and pregnant with my 3rd. I've never felt this pain with my other pregnancy, but sure do now. I don't have any answers, just wanted to let you know your are not alone. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to sooth the pain?


Dawn - March 24

I got the same pain after I had my second child. My doctor diagnosed me with Coccydynia. It has varying causes. You should take a look at http://www.coccyx.org/ for lots of info.


Tara - April 2

I had this with my 4th child, I had him in Oct 2004, and I still have it. I think it is to do with the coccynx or something. I am fighting with my HMO to get a MRI. It really hurts when you get up from a sitting position, and when you put pressure on the spine. At work I bought a pillow with a "hole" cut out where my spine goes. It worked for a little bit, but not now. It is very weird. I never had it until I was pregnant the last time.


Heidi - April 6

I am 33 weeks pregnant with my second baby. I've been having pain in my tailbone for a few weeks now. I went to the doctors today having gained a total of 17 pounds so far. I told her that if I am on my feet to long that it just kills me. I a__sumed it had to do with the weight that I have put on. I am carrying extremly low. With my first baby I was very high. I have a friend who actually broke her tailbone during labor. For me laying down helps me, but I can't do that all day long. Any suggestions out there???


chrissy - April 6

I broke my coccyx (tailbone) when I was 14 and the doctor told me a lot of people can break or fracture their tailbone throughout life and not even know it. She told me that the only other time I would have problems with it would be during pregnancy. When I was about 4 months I started getting enormous pressure when I would sit and then barely be able to walk when I would stand...I am only 5 months now and the pain has gotten better even though it still bothers me. Her advice was to sit on a donut...I dont think I will do that, but I do have to be careful how long I sit without getting up.


Heidi - April 8

I'm only 12 wks pg and I started feeling this like three weeks ago. It started out real minor but now when I bend over and come back up, it just screams! It's right on my tailbone on the left side. I was brushing my teeth this morning and when I stood back up, I thought I was going to fall over from the pain. It doesn't really hurt when I walk but if I bend over and stand back on my left leg, it hurts really bad. I'll tell my doc on Tues at my next appt. I hope it's nothing serious! I don't want a broken a__s bone during delivery! Ha ha!


Amie - July 5

Wow - I can not believe that no one actually knows what this is. I have it too by the way (3rd pregnancy). When we get pregnant hormones are released to loosen up the pelvis/tailbone area. This (in a way) seperates the two pelvic bones from the tailbone (or loosens the joint that connects them) the sacroiliac joint. This for me causes sharp pains when I move certain ways and it gets worse when I lift, bend, stand, sit for long periods. I waitress and was at work the other day - I noticed that it was hurting more that normal right away - by the time I was there for 3-4 hours I could barely walk, was balling, and had to go home. Probably have to quit and I am only 22 weeks along. It is worse with each pregnancy for me and at first this time was relieved by rolling back onto my tailbone on hard floor and it would crack, but now is pretty much too sore to do that. I am in physical therapy now (doesnt do much) might try the chiropractor. FYI - some women never feel this pain and some do to varying degrees and in different areas.


Mo - July 6

Did anybody get this pain earlier on? Like at the very beginning of your pregnany? Thanks



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