How Do You Find Sleep Again

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Shavonne - December 13

I am 32 wks along and I feel like the strands of stability are starting to unwind...I have had approximately 5 days of adequate sleep in weeks if not over a month...If this is a common problem there has got to be a solution out there(Other than Benadryl I have heard of) IF SOMEONE KNOWS HOW TO GET SLEEP PLEASE HELP??!!!


c - December 14

i wish i could help you, but i am in the same boat (34 weeks) and if i could be sleeping i promise i wouldn't be on this site @ 2:30 in the morning because i can't sleep. :(( just hang in there i guess, you're almost there. also i heard that tylenol pm might be ok, i don't have another doc. appt. until next week, but i am going to call tomorrow and ask about the tylenol pm, if he says yes, i will try it and let you know if it works....good luck!!


L - December 15

This is my third pregnancy and it is different than the others. I have had a challenge with sleeping from the very beginning. I went to the health food store and looked up some information in a book on natural remedies for pregnancy. I discovered that based on my symptoms, restlessness and a feeling of excitement, tossing and turning, that the homeopathic pills Argentum Ntr.(6ch) worked well. It was recomended I take 3 pellets up to 3 times a night until symptoms improved. A regular MD might not be able to recomend this alternative, so I would consult a natural pract_tonar.


Anne - December 15

If you think you're sleep deprived now.... just wait till you have a baby waking you up every 2 hours. The 3rd trimester is a cake walk compared to an infant.


stephanie - December 15

I am 40 wks. I can not sleep at all. Which makes me grumpy. I have a 4yr old do I cant just sleep during the day. today is my due date. I know that I will not be sleeping at all soon which makes me worry. Since i have not gotten any sleep in the last week. Cant help but get a little depressed.


rl - December 19

it is so crazy with my first two boys had no problems with sleeping at night this is my 3rd boy and I have had a hard time not every night some nights I sleep so good then I wake up and can not go back to sleep I am 33wks now and I hate it I just toss and turn I have not taken anything I have just lived with it not sure what to do.....


KLC - December 20

I have been having the same type of problems...I take a nice warm bath with cammomile in it before bed each night and then my hubby rubs my lower back for me and it knocks me out. As long as nothing wakes me up during the night I am good to go.


Kerri - December 25

I haven't had regular sleep since the second trimester. It is annoying and it is even more annoying when people say (no offense to anyone) "just wait till the baby comes and then you'll never sleep again". Apparently, our life is going to be absolutely miserable after the baby comes because we'll never sleep, or go anywhere, or have s_x or do anything normal again. According to many of these "advice-givers" in my circle, your life might as well be over after a baby. Doesn't anyone have anything positive to say???? We new mom's are scared enough!!!


Monique - December 28

I read an article then ordered from Bath & Bodyworks online "lavender pillow spray". I've suffered from insomnia my whole life before this pregnancy (even as a child) and this spray has CHANGED my life! I swear I would do a commercial for it if I could! lol. Good luck!


terri - December 28

I agree with Kerri, lots of ppl say wait until the baby comes if you think your not sleeping now. but for myself and i am sure there must be others that will agree the main reason for no sleep right now is because my hips, back and thighs are soo sore, it takes everything in me to basically roll over some nights and than the pillow between my legs has to be moved everytime i move. so at least when the baby comes if sleep is less than it wont be painful.


sparkles - January 12

I'm with Kerri and terri. I would rather be sleep deprived from taking care of a baby, then waking up constantly at night uncomfortable due to back and hip pain (which is what I'm experiencing now). I'd be soooo grateful just to have a few hours of sleep where I don't wake up constantly with a sore, achy back!


SHAVONNE - January 13

I am now at 36.5 wks and I would like to say that I appreciate being able to read your replies thank you to all who have responded to my initial question! I would like to say that within the last week and a half my sleep has been barely disturbed(if that offers any hope to others)! It still takes a while to fall asleep but I usually get up once during the night lately(Not to jinx it!) Again thank you!!!



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