How Long Badly Do Pregnant Women S Breasts Hurt

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maybeababy - June 29

I am not clear on whether I may be preg or not, because I screwed up my BCP. I am wondering (to help me distinguish the cause of my "symptoms") how long and how badly your br___ts hurt when you ARE definitely pregnant?


maybeababy - June 29

(*More Info) Today it is 2 wks after screwing up pill & having s_x, which was on the 14th day of my cycle. My b___sts hurt mostly on the outside now, but in more places when I lay on my tummy or put any pressure on them. They had hurt at different places since I noticed the problem, but my nipples don't hurt anymore, I don't think...


momma3tobe - June 29

Mine always felt sore during the first trimester and again in the third. They got a little bigger but not much. Never really "hurt" me though.


cakegirl - June 30

Every woman is different. Some have no b___st pain, some have a lot. For me, my b___sts started hurting at about 3 week pregnant, and continued for about 5 weeks. The pain was excruciating. I had to wear a bra or tight crop top at all times, because any movement in them at all caused too much pain. After that, the pain settled down, but they have had periods of tenderness - there was a few weeks where the nipples were so tender when the shower sprayed on them. Sometimes (usually when changing from a hot place to a cold place or vice versa) where it feels like I'm being stabbed through the nipple and into the b___st. And sometimes the b___st itself is so itchy that I scratch till I bleed.


sarah21 - July 24

I am 5 weeks now and my b___sts started hurting about 2 weeks ago. Mostly nipple tenderness for me. Especially when I get cold! It feels like they are on fire. I hate wearing bras because they hurt my nipples but if I don't wear one, the movement hurts the rest of the b___st tissue. I will certainly be glad when it goes away!


sahm2alaj - July 31

I am 14 weeks and they still hurt real bad and they have gone up almost 2 cup sizes as well!


tmwanw - August 10

My b___st hurt me till like the the 3 month. They hurt so bad I could barely even touch them.


Di1977 - August 13

I'm 14 weeks. My nipples were sensitive till 6 weeks. But nothing sense. My b___sts were never sore, they weren't with my first child either. I don't have morning sickness..if it wasn't for being so tired I wouldn't know I was preggo.


marykim - January 18

when dose your b___st start hurting when your pregnant could it be week or months into it


branjola - January 23

Well from my experience i thought i was about to start my period because before i got pregnant when i had my period 2 days prior my b___bs would get really tender, but instead of starting like i usually do 2 weeks later they still hurt and no period so i took a test and i was positive. They were still tender for a while after that. But it can be different for every women. Some women dont have ANY b___st tenderness and some have it through out their WHOLE pregnancy.


mrsmurrell0115 - September 25

My nipples hurt really bad!!!! I regurgitated my food once and after that I haven't since and that was like a month ago..... I felt nipple tenderness about a week ago but I thought it was nothing only because I have cyst in my ovaries and it's difficult for me to get pregnant! nevertheless, over the weekend I've been experiencing some severe pain in both nipples and my bra isn't making it any better ugh! now my stomach feels like I've been doing a million situps and I'm getting pain on my right side of my stomach on the bottom ;-(! on top of that, I've been constipated, with pressure pain in my b___t area hehe TMI right lol....... I know I should just visit my doctor but I'm kinda scared and was just wondering has anyone ever been thru any of these symptoms and could it mean I'm pregnant? If I am pregnant it'll be my first time so I wouldn't know what to expect ;-( HELP!!!!!



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