HPV And Pregnancy Please Read

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Junie - February 17

I was diagnosed with HPV 2 years ago. I had warts on the cervix and they froze them. My last pap smear was 2 weeks ago and it was normal. I am not prenant yet but ttc. I wanted to know if the hormones in pregnancy necessarily will make the warts come back. Even tought I don't have the warts now , I am pretty sure they are not gone forever since I have heard that HPV is not curable. Please share your stories because I am really worried. I need your help. Thank you very much.


Peanut - March 5

I found out I had HPV while pregnant, and was told that they only "showed" because my immune system was down due to the pregnancy. They may show up again, but talk to your Dr. about it.


Chloe - March 16

I was diagnosed with HPV about 3 years ago and had laser surgery to have the warts removed. I have had normal paps since then. My docotor seems confident that they may not come back but you just never know. The good news is that if they do, you can have a c-section and no harm to the baby.


Alexia - March 17

I was also diagnosed w/ HPV 2 years ago. I am about 22 weeks into my pregnancy, and I found out about a week ago that I still have HPV. I was told your body will rid itself of the virus after a year or so. The only reason i found out that i still have it, is because i got a wart,(which i had never had before). When i went to my gyno., she informed me that getting pregnant when you have HPV can cause an outbreak of warts. She was able to remove it, and also informed me that stress will aid in an outbreak. *Some people say that having a C-Section will result in no harm to the baby, but there are some doctors who will tell you otherwise. So even if you have a C-Section, the baby can still get it. But the good news is that the baby's body can usually get rid of the virus w/ ease. Resulting in an otherwise healthy baby. But the best thing for you to do, is to talk to your gyno. He/she can clarify information you've gathered, and may set some of your worries at ease. ***Good luck. :)


Jade - March 30

I am a nursing major and also have HPV. I have done extensive research on the topic. Unfortunately HPV is a neverending think there is no cure and you will have it forever and are therefore subject to random outbreaks. The warts may never come back but you may see a few from time to time. Pregnancy hormones can cause warts to come out or existing warts to increse in size. Research has shown that transmission of the virus to your baby through the birth ca___l is about 0.4%, so it is highly unlikely you will give it to your baby. However if you are concerned you may want to have an cesarian delivery instead. Do no worry!!! It will decrese your chance of getting pregnant and if you become pregnant stress is not good for the baby. My husband and I are trying to have a baby as well so I know how you feel. Stay strong. You can e-mail me if you have any more questions [email protected] Good Luck!


junie - April 18

i have what i think is a wart on my stomach, on both sides that appeared 3 months ago an is getting larger. they one looks spongylike. i'm scared to death about it. have you heard of this before?


M. - August 24

I have HPV and I'm 6 months pregant. Your immune system becomes very weak and its said not to use the acids to remove them b/c they can cause birth defects (in high doses) but i would recommend talking to your doc.


natbabe - February 6

I just recently found out that I have hpv, I'm still young in college, but I have a loving a boyfriend who is with me and we do plan on getting married and having kids. The thought of me having kids with hpv was scary, but reading many of your stories has made me more aware of the situation and I do know that the risk is low of pa__sing on the viirus, but as all future parents you dont want anything wrong with pregnancy or your baby. How do all you women stay strong through this?



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