I Feel Like An Old Lady

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jenniferhanks - July 11

I'm 13 weeks pregnant and I'm having this horrible pain in at the lower left side of my spine...just above my butt. I can't stand in one place for very long because I just end up stiff and having to lunge myself into movement. hahaha it's awful! My husband says that I look like I'm 9 months pregnant when I'm only three. Is there any relief or at least anyone else experiencing this?


tinkri - July 12

I am also 13 weeks and have been having "old lady" aches and pains since I was 8 weeks. I have read that Relaxin, the hormone that allows our bodies stretch to accomodate hte growing baby peeks at 14 weeks so I am hoping I start feeling alittle less achy. Sometimes it is my back sometimes my hips, sometimes even down into my v____a (tmi, sorry) lol! I also feel like I have the waddle down already! I have an 11 yo and 9 yo and when I was pregnant with them I think I felt like this at 8 months. I am 30 and live in Rhode Island


baby1forme - July 29

Yes girl.... I am experiencing this! My husband says I act like I am dying. I am only 24 and I complain about everything from insomnia to constipation to exhaustion and even pain in my v____a. We are not alone though!


taterbaby - July 29

I have had the same problems off and on for the entire pregnancy. I am 33 weeks. My advice is find a chiropractor and/or get a pregnancy ma__sage. Good luck!


flower.momma - July 29

Oh this is so funny. I just got up from the couch to go into the kitchen, and I couldn't get moving, I was holding my lower back and my hips were all out of place and I was groaning. My husband said "God, you look like my Granny!" I am 22 weeks along in my second pregnancy, and from experience, it only gets worse. Once the baby is born, however, it gradually gets better.


Seredetia - August 10

I've been complaining of the SAME FRIGGIN PAIN for a long while now. Always on my left side up and down my back. Sometimes It feels like my spine and hip are in a tug of war. I think it may(?) be the sciatic nerve. At least I *think* it's on the left side...heard it can really act up during pregnancy. I was "cleaning" (i.e. wiping down the counters and throwing stuff in the dishwasher; nothing major) the other day and was actually crying because the pain was so bad. I didn't even DO anything! No one else will help me with the housework, though, so I guess I'm stuck doing it for awhile. (le sigh...)


fefer1 - August 10

Well, I had the same issues at 9 weeks and I'm at 36 and it hasn't gotten better. Just wait till the pressure of the baby starts to add to it. I have to spread my legs wide and push myself up off the couch or chair or bed. I look so old! :)



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