I Have Dull Pain On Right Side Can Anyone Relate

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Hoping - April 23

I have had three great pregnancies and now have three great kids. In all of my prior pregnancies I had some cramping in early pregnancy. My period is due on the 26th of April, but I tested yesterday with Clear Blue Easy, which can give you results as early as four days prior to expected period, it was neg. All that being said, here is my question. I am have been having dull pain in my right side for about a week and increasing br___t tenderness for almost two weeks, the br___t tenderness I've had, but the pain on the one side, I have not. I have no other cramping other than gas and bloating, but no real period type pain. So even with three kids this is a new one on me. I have done some research and reading and have gotten some good answers, but I wanted ask those who usually know best, the women who are experiencing pregnancy. Sorry to be so long winded. Thank you and Blessings to all.


Hoping - April 23

I'm sorry I have been reading so many different things I am getting confused, it's my LEFT side.


to hoping, anu, - May 10

hi hoping, i m in the 8th week of pregnancy , and i feel pain in the lower left side of abdomen when i get up from sofa, its really sharp and dissappears witin seconds, since u have done research, can u plse tell me the reason?thanx


Sanet - May 23

I'm 5 weeks pregnant with my first baby and have had the period type cramps but have also had the dull pain in my left side. Does that desribe how you're feeling? Have been worried about it but have had a positive test so not sure what to think of it!


RNmom - May 25

I had dull pain on the right side when I was pregnant. It may have had to do with my gallbladder problems during the pregnancy. However, if it turns out you are not pregnant, you may want to get your ovaries checked with ultrasound. Your symptoms are consistent with some ovary conditions.


littlemrsb - May 26

I had a cyst on one of my ovaries about 9 mos. before I got pregnant. It was a constant dull pain on only one side. It eventually ruptured, and everything is okay now, but I don't remember any b___st tenderness. I would test again in a week, but go see your doctor. Don't wait too long. I have a friend who had a cyst on one of her ovaries as well, and it got very large and ruptured and put her in emergency. I'm not saying I think for sure this is what this is, I am just sharing with you my experience maybe to help you pinpoint a possible problem. Good luck to you.


Kelli - May 27

Hoping, Wow! I too have 3 children, just found I'm preg with 4th and have had tremendous pain ONLY on rt. side from beginning...maybe it's 4th child syndrome!?!? Good Luck!



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