I M 13 Weeks I Ve Been Having Awful Pains Since I Was 6 Week

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firstchild - January 15

I've been experiencing daily pain sometimes it's so bad i don't even want to walk i went got it checked and the baby was ok in the ultrasound but i still get these awful pains i can barely stand i don't know what it is someone please help :( p.s no spotting or discharge or any other sign of miscarriage but still scared


lilmama - January 16

You will get cramps in early pregnancy which is just your uterus and ligaments stretching to make room for your growing baby, nothing to worry about!


julie - January 23

ive had cramps that bad that it would put me on the ground.lasted for months.and my baby was fine. if it still worries you go back to the doctors. because better to have peace of mind then to feel scared all the time.


Mrs. Lindsey - January 27

try drinking more water. I had the same problems at about 13 weeks. I just needed to increase my water intake.


Me - February 16

I am 13 weeks and having cramping as well, but baby is fine! Try not to worry and take your concerns to your doctor or a friend who will listen! You will do great!


Kara - March 5

I get the same, have had since I found out I was pregnant. It is scary, but I've had 2 ultrasounds and they say everything is perfectly normal. Your body is going through a hell of a lot of changes right now, try not to stress too much, you'll be just fine! ANd remember, now your 12 weeks are up your risk of having a miscarriage is very low. If they did an ultrasound and saw a heartbeat and said everythings ok, and now your 13 weeks then start planning your nursery, girl! :)


Ally - March 7

hi i am 6 weeks pregnant and i get these really bad pains in my stomach i have been to the doctors but they said that i should have bedrest for 48 hours but it isn't helping i also keep getting bck ache really bad have u got any advice thank you


shareen - April 12

im having the same, pains in my lower stomach im 12 weeks this week im going to the epu now hope everythings ok.....ivf pregnancy...


Marussia - July 31

I know that I felt huge relief when I talked to a few women and learned that they started having sharp pains in their lower abdomen and right thru their v____a as I am experiencing right now in my 12th week. I talked to my midwife and I liked her explanation so much, I don't even worry about it when it happens now. She said to picture my uterus as a big balloon slowly floating upwards from it's original home in my pelvis. As it floats upwards it runs into all sorts of organs blocking it's path, so they all have to "step aside" to let the uterus thru. There is a lot going on inside our bodies right now and it is perfectly normal to feel a bit of pain and discomfort. By all means, check with your midwife or doctor, but also take comfort as I did in realising that many other pregnant woman have experienced similar pains and start enjoying this beautiful and amazing journey of your uterus thru the maze of organs inside your body.



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