I Throw Up Everytime My Spouse Touches Me

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sriley0867 - February 10

As soon as i started getting morning sickness, everything about my spouse makes me sick. Kissing him makes me gag. Whenever i see he called me or i try to talk to him on the phone i get sick. I'm really worried that this isn't a normal symptom of pregnancy. If anyone has ever had the same thing while they were pregnant, please let me know. I'm so worried that i'll stay like this.


pgagain - February 11

Not to that extent, but I know what you are talking about. On my first pregnancy it was real bad. I would feel nausea if he touched me or rubbed me. My back or hips would ache and he would try to rub them but have to stop because I would feel sick. I didn't want to be touched at all. No hugs or any other kind of physical contact. I would a__sure him it was all me and not his fault, but I had extreme guilt about it. Now, I am in my sixth pregnancy and I can handle deep ma__sages and have had an intimate relationship throughout this pregnancy, but light touches, like him stroking my face or arm make me nauseous. You won't stay like that but give yourself time after baby is born to be your old self again. I dodn't want to kiss either, makes me feel like I can't breathe. Almost makes me panic. I do lil pecks but that is all. I have to ask, do you have an extreme gag reflex, too? Mine was so severe that i threw up trying to brush my teeth or put any non food item up to my lips. A toothpick, or a bobby pin for example. My dentist actually told me to stop brushing my teeth because the throwing up was worse for my teeth than not brushing them. So I just ate crunchy apples to try to keep them clean.


TiffaniM - March 1

I know this is a old post but I feel the same way! see my post undr general preg questions. i also am feeling extremely i will just say it, h__y. but am repulsed at the thought of having s_x with him



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