Ichy Breasts

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Aimee - December 20

I am 29 weeks and I have been having insanly ichy br___ts for about 5 weeks now.I even have dry scally patches in some spots.Anybody else ever had this and what can I do?


Bran - December 24

I am 32 weeks and have the same problem. Originally I was itchy all over - but now it seems to concentrate on my b___st area. I have tried lotions thinking it was our extremely cold weather here - no luck. I hope someone has an idea of what we could do to stop the itching. But, no worries, your not alone with this problem!


10 weeks - January 13

I am only 10 1/2 week and I have had the same ichy scally area on and around my areola. I am not sure what causes this but I ma looking for answers


Ca__s - January 16

Hi, I wish I had an answer too! My right b___st itched so much a few days ago I have bruises from scratching - and the last 3 days my right nipple has bled in the night. I am meeting my midwife tomorrow - so I'll ask her what it's all about. If I get a reply worth pa__sing on I'll post another message, Ca__s.


Dani - January 20

I was just at the dermatologist and he said some itching was fine, but if I were to get any dry patches to immediately let him know.


lilliam - January 22

im 7 weeks when i was 6 weeks my b___st were red and really itchy i went to my doctor she gave me a cream for it never had it since


rnewcomer - January 26

I am 18 weeks and having the same issues as the others. Please post a solution, this is driving me crazy and nothing works. I have tried lotion, cortizone, and calamine with no help!


mg - January 27

i am 36 weeks and i have it also-itchy itchy, just put some cocoa b___ter on it Palmers brand.Its cooling and try not to think about it-mind over matter...


rnewcomer - January 28

I went to my Dr. and they made sure that I did not have an infection. They recommended Benadryl- either topical or oral form. The topical has been working great!


Donna - February 27

i have been having itchey b___st and stringy blood could i be pregnant i have three girls already


Confused - March 16

My one b___st has been very itchy lately, a few days ago I took a HPT and it was negative, but I've had other symptoms of pregnancy. Are itchy b___sts a symptom of pregnancy?


irene - March 27

I have had itchy b___st syndrome (which I laughingly call ibs) ever since I found out I was pregnant. It was only my right b___st however, and I itched it until my doctor said I had developed a yeast infection on it. He gave me nystatin ointment to put on it, but it didn't seem to help completely. After stopping the ointment, it continued to itch, and the only way I have found relief (I am no only getting complete relief and am 32 weeks pg) is to not wash my b___st with soap. I have been using my Alpha Hydroxy facial wash wich has no soap or fragrance in it, and using the green bottle of gold bond medicated powder. I did use the lotion because I thought the scaling was causing th itching, but it doesn't seem to work as well as the powder. It was really really bad, I even have swollen lymph nodes in my right arm pit, which is very very unusual for me. I had even been taking garlic, a lot of it, thinking it was a yeast infection and I could get rid of it that way (works for the v____al kind, why not the b___b kind, right?) Anyway, the itch is about 99.5% gone, and I want to say it is a problem that will hopefully go away once I start b___st feeding. Hope so, pray so.



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