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CuriousLady - September 9

Alright, First of all, i want to say that i am not STRESSING. I just would like to know and hear some opinions out there. I would believe that my chances are slim but who knows. Alright, hear is my story. I was having s_x in the month of August... From the 15TH to the 7Th. I was not having s_x every day threwout those days but most of them. There where times that my Hubie would stick it in, and do it quick and then pull out. Sort of like teasing( Sory for the grusum detail). I got my period when it was expected but i have actually been feeling a little weird( Might just be all in my head). However, i had s_x with him, after my period( i started my period on the 27Th and ended a couple days latter)... but when he pulled out, i noticed that i was bleeding a little bit. He asked me why and did it hurt but i was clueless. I was thinking that maybe his p__s hit my insdies wrong and just made me bleed a little but i herd that also happens in pregnancy's as well( which i thought would happen later on in pregnancy not just a couple weeks). I really wouldn't think that i would be preg. But as you know, when having s_x, there is always a good possibility that pregnancy will occur. I have drank a couple drinks and thought about it over and just realized that maybe i could be pregnant SO i have stopped that as well.What do you think my chances are that i would be preg? Wouldn't you think that if i was, that i would of skipped my period? Like i said, i am not really concerned but just a little bit curious. Thanks.. Also, when i received my period, i wouldnt say that everything was normal nor abnormal, i really wasnt pay attetion to my period flow at that time. Thankx for the support.


? - September 10

I know that it is long but anybody gots the time to read it and post what they feel?


kat - September 11

have u even taken a pregnancy test? not to be rude or disrespect u in anyway but don't u think that can help determine if u are or not...did u go to your GYN? to me it kinda sounds like u are but i am not the expert! if u are pregnant, good luck with everything and god bless!


courislady - September 12

To kat, you can speak your mind. Even if the answers are curl as long as you are stating what you feel. I have not taken a preg test because 1: I got my period when it was expected and 2: its not time to receive my period for the month of sep. I wouldnt really think that i was preg. just because we where having s_x, but he would always pull out right in time and also, because i have recieved my period. I just thought it was a bit funnie that i started bleeding a little bit when having s_x and also, my b___bs where hurting me badly yesturday without a trouch on them. Also, i am having alot of discharge and i normaly dont get but it could just be that my body is changing. Does any one else have any input on this?


Cindy - September 12

well does your hubby always pull out every single time?? And you know you can still get pregnant even though he pulls out. There like pre sperm that comes out or something like that isnt there? I know thats what i was told from a teacher of mine in high school.


courislady - September 12

Well yes, he does pull out every time he is about to ejaculate and i know that FOR SURE. I remember though, there was this one time that i seen him pull out and seen all the sperm fall onto a towel( sorry i know you don't want to hear) but down in my private area, it was just COMPLETELY WET!( AND I'M TALKING ABOUT WET) I touched myself and i said to myself, okay what is this? This " c_m" like substance can not just be from me. ( AND i mean i was drenched in this wet substance that litterely, it was running down my leg) I hurried and went to the wash room, went and took a pee, and when i wiped myself, the toilet paper had globs of this clearish whitish sticky thick substance. ( again, sorry for the gruesome detail). I know that there is pre c_m and then the male ejaculates but what i am wondering is can the male feel when he ejaculates.?


Male - September 14




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