Im So Worried Help Me Please

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sophia2 - June 27

i am 5 weeks pregnant and i am not experiencing just mild cramps i am experiencing severe cramps their really bad i cant even move or talk while they are happening because they hurt so much and they last for about a minute or 2 .... i dont know if this is normal i am really worried because i dont want to miscarry my fiance and i really want this baby and im also really young im only 17 can someone please help me im scared?


jncruz02 - June 27

I am 4 weeks along, and when I went in to confirm with the Dr. she told me that If you experience really bad cramps or any heavy bleeding that you should get in to get checked out. You might want to get in just to be safe!


mommamare - June 29

Your fears are not unfounded. Most women do get period-like cramps when they are early along, but the type you are experiencing should be checked out by your OBGYN. Do not worry about feeling embara__sed about going in, even if what you are having is normal, it is better to be safe than sorry, the docs would prefer you to come in. If your cramps are followed by any bleeding or even spotting, you may want to go to Urgent Care or the ER! Good luck!


jcross414 - July 3

Is the pain in a particular location? Had this on my lower left side, and thought I was dying. Dr. said its constipation!!!!


NewMommy53 - July 5

ive been there and when i did some research on the subject i found that some medical sites explain that since your stretching (inside) and the body is changing so durastically you could experience some alm,ost menstrul like pain especially at your age im only 19 and i had pains for quite sometime ., so your not alone on this one. good luck girl and i hope i eased you mind somewhat !


mrs riss - September 9

I am 12 weeks pregnant and i had very severe cramps early on. My mid wife told me that as long as you are not having any bleeding or spotting you are probably fine. You should still get looked at because I know that is the only thing that will really ease your mind, and it is important for you and your baby to relax. I am a pretty small person and i was told that since my body had so far to stretch that is why it was so painful. Your muscles around your uterus go up and down and when your pregnant they stretch and turn out towards your hips. That is a long way to stretch especially in young bodies. And don't worry about your age I am only 19.


Teddyfinch - September 15

i don't think it was your uterus stretching so much as your cervix closing up tight. the baby isn't that big at 12 weeks, but when your cervix closes it feels like really bad cramping. last year i had a d&c and i woke up while my cervix was closing, which it did for the whole few days afterwards and it was awful! and if you think about it, it's gotta close up tight to keep that beanie in there. if there's no blood, i wouldn't worry.



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