Is It Really That Bad To Be Pregnant In The Summer

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HannahBaby - April 29

I will be pregnant over the summer, im due in October. Everyone is telling me how bad its gona be to be pregnant over the summer. Is it all that true?


drea - April 29

I'm hear ya on that one Hanna....I'm due in September and everyone just says "oh boy your gonna have one rough summer". I'm just like, oh great. I think that towards the end of our pregnancies it's gonna be unconfortable and when it's hot and humis I guess it doesn't help. I love hot weather and summer so hopefully it wont get to me that much, otherwise, thats what air conditioners and ice cream are for :-) good luck


Mandy - April 30

Iam also due in sept. I dont know how i will cope with the summer months. Work will be very hot.i dont do good in got weather. I guess my step-daughters pool will be put to good use to keep kool while am at home!.


debz1982 - May 1

im due sept 1. my first was born in august, so ive been through the summer b4. it can b really uncomfortable, but loose cotton clothing helps, and plenty of cool baths. just take things slow and dont go rushing about. good luck


littlemama1022 - May 3

I am pregnant with my second child. I was pregnant all summer with my first ( I had her Oct 22 2004)..and i wouldn't really say it was dreadful, it was something you get used too. I mean you just have to get used to it. I did sweat a little more than usual but that's about it. I will be pregnant this summer as well, I am due in August.


starr - May 3

Well I'm from Florida so it does get pretty hot here. I am almost 34 wks with my 3rd, due June 17. My first was born in July and #2 in March. So the heat does add to me already being uncomfortable. At least you will make to the months when it starts to cool off. Imagine if you were due right in the middle of summer. Just do your best to keep cool and try to stay out of the heat as much as possible. I've noticed that being hot does cause more swelling in my hands feet and legs. Good Luck.


Chrissythefairy - May 4

Im due sept 14th and everyone is telling me the same thing, when i tell them my due date they give me this look like "OH GOD" i dont think it will be so bad, we got central air and both of my aunts have pools so i will be over their houses in their pools.


torbman - May 4

This will be my third child. I have had one in the spring and one in the summer. Wasn't all that bad. Drink lots of water, get lots of rest, keep yourself cool. (I can remember standing in shower of cool water to cool off) Go for walks in the evening, not during the day, and if you have to walk then try doing it in the mall. They always have airconditioning, plus you can get some great window shopping done. Hope this helps HannahBaby


sa__sifras - May 9

If I hear one more person say that I am crazy to move back to AZ while being pregnant until October, I will scream. I will have a/c and thtas all that matters. Women do it all the time, stay hydrated, keep may be a bit uncomfortable, but again, another small sacrifice for our baby:)


taterbaby - June 6

I don't know why others comments make me so crazy but they do.I am due in September. I tell people when I am due and they are all like "Oh my god, your going to be so miserable in the heat!" My favorite is "Oh, August is going to be awfully hot!" Well, tell me who isn't going to be hot in August!! I just plan to stay indoors or in my moms pool. Oh, well.


frankschick2001 - June 7

I guess it depends on where you live. If you live somewhere hot and humid during the summer months, it can be very uncomfortable. I had a friend deliver September 10, so she was as big as can be during the hot summer and was very unhappy. I think air conditioning will be your best friend. Also swimming pools will help. If you don't have one, hang with a friend who does or take cool baths every day. try not to go shopping outdoors or outdoor picnics on very hot days etc. Movies and malls are good for free air condioning and entertainment. But keep in mind that everyone is hot and uncomfortable in the summer months, so you are not alone, don't worry, it's nothng you can't handle.


krc - June 7

I am 31 weeks and I too live in florida and believe me..... it gets hot, humid, and muggy out. But I think it depends on the person. Some people hate the heat. It doesn't bother me. Now if I lived with my folks up in the mountains in upstate new york where they don't have AC or a beach then i'd be a little miserable. But if you have water around you... like the beach, a lake, river, natural springs, than take advantage of it. I love swimming on a hot day, plus it takes a load of pressure off my belly. But it does get annoying when people are like... oh my, your pregnant during the summer !!!!! Honestly I dont think they really mean it but it is more or less a form of a conversation starter.


mandee25 - July 15

Unless you have to work in the heat standing 7 hours a day! OMG I am hating being pregnant in the summer. I am 22 weeks right now. How I long for an office job where they have good A/C and being able to be off my feet.


sa__sifras - July 16

i take it all was only 114 here yesterday!!! SHOOT ME NOW!


kjones - July 20

I am having a hard time because I get really hot I dont know where you live but here it dosent get that bad but I am still too hot. I think you'll be fine I am due in October also.


sweetsouthernbelle - July 28

im due August already feelin the heat and it SUCKS...i dont know how im gonna deal with it in my final days before delivery...eeeeek!!


poppea - July 19

I think summer is definitely easier! This is my second summer pregnancy, my first born Sept 30th, second due Oct 10th & I would think it's way easier to be PG in the summer vs a cold, say northeast winter. One plus for summer is wardrobe choices are easy & cheap. You can throw on a cotton dress or some shorts & flip-flops. In the winter there's the layers of clothing to contend with-maternity corduroys, tights, & sweaters, therma underwear. My feet swell up 1/2 size bigger when I'm PG so I would probably have to buy several pairs of snow boots in a bigger size. There's the danger of slipping on the ice, trudging through snow to get the garbage cans & shoveling the car out. I'd take the heat over the snow anytime.



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