Is It Saft To Take Antibiotic

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Ramesha Waduge - June 9

Hi, I am in my 17th week of pregnancy and was feeling fine until I had the flu in my 16th week. Now I feel so week and I am having difficulties passing Urine. I have pains in my left side of the lower tummy. The doc said it could be an infection and gave me Amoxicilline. But I am scared to take it thinking if will hurt my baby. Can any body please let me know if it is safe to take this antibiotic in pregnancy. I am really worried.


ty2 - June 9

from what i have always known amoxicillin is safe to use during pregnancy


Big mumma - June 11

Doesn the doctor know that you are pregnant??? If so then what they give you should be foine, if the doctor knows that you are pregnant he/she wouldnt give you anything that would harm your baby of affect your pregnancy. If you see a doctor that you dont usually see make sure they are aware that you are pregnant before they prescribe you anything.


snowbaby - June 15

Hi Ramesha.. i am starting my 12th week tomorow... i am from sri lanka ... and it seems you r too :-).. Even i got the flu that was going around .. and i took amoxiclin as well.. i checked with my doctor(gyno) and when i said i am 9 weeks (at that time) he said it was ok to take.. it...who is the doctor you are seeing?


Ramesha Waduge - June 18

Hi Snowbaby, Yes I'm a Sri Lankana, but I live in the UK. here you don't see the gyno till your delivery date unless you have a major problem. Everything is done by the midwife. Even for that I have to wait till the 21st week. Till that it's the GP we have to deppend on. How ever I took about two Amoxicilin and paracitemal, and got my husbond to give me head ma__sages about twise a day. Now the headache is not that bad.


Ramesha Waduge - June 18

Once again thanks a lot for all your inputs.


snowbaby - June 18

hi ramesha, oh.. ok :-) glad to hear that your feeling better. If you need to ask anything.. let me know.i will ask my doc next time i visit him. i have to see him again on the 22nd of july. went for my 11 week scan y'day...:-)



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