Leg Cramping

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michelle - March 8

I am 40 weeks and just started to get leg cramps yesterday I woke up last night in tears cause it felt like my lcalf muscle was being ripped in half 12 hours later its still sore to walk on. is there anything i can do to prevent this? Or at least take this pain away?


Melissa - March 8

Ma__sage is really the only thing you can do. There is nothing that I know of that prevents it. It is just a part of pregnancy. Make sure you a flexing your foot when the cramping starts. This helps a lot.


Michelle - March 9

I started experiencing the terrible leg cramps at about 26 weeks and I have found that a banana before bed seems to help. I have been told it is the pota__sium that does the trick! Hope this helps.


PG in OK - March 10

The leg cramps actually come from calcium deficiency, so keep taking your prenatal vitamins and finding additional sources of calcium for your diet. Also, walking and other forms of exercise help too


mandy~ - March 12

im 20wks pregnant and every morning if i streach my legs out i got to be careful coz they lock up right under my knee cap i sometimes shoot up and start crying from the pain, so is this because of laking of vitamins and calcium?


tad - March 12

I have had leg cramps my entire pregnancy. Lots of bananas and milk seem to help. Also, when I do get them my husband ma__sages the area and pushes up on my foot. Don't forget to push the foot up.


A - March 12

I was getting those leg cramps also and they were just horrible. I asked my dr. and she told me that get someone to grab your foot and position it upwards when you are getting the cramp. You won't be able to do it yourself cause you'll be in so much pain. It actually really helps.


marsha - March 23

when you wake up at night with leg cramps its because you have a lack of calcium in your body. your baby is taking a lot away from you. try taking extrra calcium if its ok with your doctor


Ema - March 29

Use a heating pad before bed it helps alot



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