Miserable Pregnancy

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Angelina - June 22

This is my second pregnancy and i feel like im going to die.My baby moves so much it makes me sick almost all day,i have sore nipples,headache,and i havent gained a pound in the 6 months ive been pregnant.I know nothing is wrong because i see the doc once a month.I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on anything that i could do to get rid of any these pains i listed


Ginny - June 22

Earlier in my pregnancy, I felt horrible all the time in evry part of my body. One thing that helped was chewin/ sucking on ice. It helped with the dehydration, and the coolness in my mouth helped alleviate headaches. I'm sorry you're so sick! Good luck!


bella - June 23

Hi Angelina, I'm not at the baby moving stage yet i'm bout 8 weeks and some days i'm due around feb 2nd. But i have that i'm going to die feeling too. I'm sick All day everyday sometimes its so bad i can't even move and other times its a little milder. I don't vomit alot a few times a week. but i'm nausous 24/7 so its making it hard for me to eat, just thethought, smell, or even someone mentioning food makes me sick to my stomach. i use to get migranes regularly before i was pregnant and thats ten times worse now. my whole body aches speacially my b___bs, back,pelviic area, legs. I haven't even been able to be excieted about the baby all that much cause of all the pain. I've been taking motion sickness medcine for the nausea but i've developed a tolerance for it, and B6 and unisom haven't worked that just made worse. for the sore nipples try not to wear clothes that are too tight, don't soap them up when ur showering, and for the headaches try using a damp cold towel and when ur sleeping try to keep ur neck kinda straight like don't but too much stress on ur neck cause that causes headaches. i hope this helped.


Jessicca - June 23

Wow I don't think I want to get pregnant again. I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I'm so huge! This is my first pregnany. I was miserable my first trimester...all I did was b___h...b___h...b___h at my BF all the time...my head hurts...my b___bs hurt...my back hurts. He helps me a lot, he rubs my back, ma__sages my feet and even fills a cool bath for me. If you have a loving BF tell him your not feeling well, maybe he'll help you. If your alone...ice your b___bs, leave a cool wash rag on your forehead, take some tylenol, lay down and watch a movie, rest, have one of your family members watch your other baby and treat yourself to something special you like to do.Good luck! Keep us updated on how your feeling!



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