Morning Sickness ALL The Time

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Lisa - October 8

I know all women have it but can some one help me with some sort of remidy. I am sick all day every day, everytime I eat. I don't keep anything down. The only time I don't feel bad is when I am sleeping so I try to sleep all the time.


kate - October 9

ill be 15 week tomorrow, and i havent keep anything down either, my dr. put me on a picline, (perment iv) i get me fluid and med (zofran) that way. it helps so much. if u want to chat u can email me [email protected] oh ya i have lost a lil over 22 lbs. good luck


Anne - October 10

There are all sorts of medications you can take now. Ask your doc about Zofran.


Hillary - October 10

I have severe morning sickness as well and am only in my 8th week. My doc put me on phenergan which has helped slightly, but I must take in suppository form to be effective. the only way to know what's best for you, though, is to ask your doc


Ashlie - October 10

I had morning sickness for 4 months with my first son and had it my entire pregnancy with this little guy (37wks) I would suggest drinking alot of water, try eating freguent small meals, saltine crackers and buy some peppermint candy that usually helps soothes things, but dont go without eating cuz that will only make it worse. Hopefully yours will go away, cuz mine hasnt yet.


Rebecca - October 14

I'm no expert, but tea such as ginger tea, can sooth your sickness and calm it down. Also, you may want to get more fresh air...being inside can contribute to feeling sick.


Helly - December 12

Hi Lisa This is my third pregancy and I am 15 weeks. In all my pregnancies I have suffered - it started at 6 weeks this time and by the time I was 8 weeks, I was in hospital on a drip - I had spent a week unable to keep anything done - not even water. I lost over a stone and the Dr gave me anti-sickness tabs. They did help although not cure the problem. I am now, 7 weeks on, just starting to feel better so rest a__sured, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck!!


Tamar - January 2

I have terrible nausea that lasts all day, it's not morning sickness, it's all day sickness! I got some of those bracelets that you can use for sea-sickness. They work with pressure points in your wrists and they help stop the nausea. I bought them because I was willing to try anything except medication and they actually work. You can get them at drugstores and health stores.


Lisa - January 2

Thanks for all of your comments. I am know 20 weeks and the morning sickness seems to have subsided for the time being. I used mint tea and ginger ale.


Tiffany - January 2

Have you ladies tried the b6 unisom combo? I am 5 weeks and I fel it creeping up on me. I've read some articles the say this can help. I have been taking the b6 part and I think it is helping. With my past two pregnancies, I was sooo sick too. I had to go to the hospital a couple of times also. None of the meds do anything for me at all. Good luck.


Jessie21 - February 6

"morning" sickness..HA! If you have it bad it's allll day long. Mine was so bad my sugar kept crashing and the dr. was gonna puit me on medication. I still get sick from time to time (17 weeks now) but it's no where near what it was. My advice is keep pretzels near the bes and a gla__s of juice or bottle of ginger ale. eat and drink a little before you get up. Eat SLOW and sit and relax before you do too much. Give your stomach a wee bit of time to adjust. morning sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy, as much as you probably don't want to hear that (i didn't) Just know that it will go away, just hang in there!! Good Luck! if you need something try those seasickness bracelets, they work!


Anne - February 7

I'm sick all day everyday. I absolutely hate it! Morning sickness is making me depressed, frustrated, angry, annoyed, sad, and impatient. Please help me.


Joan - February 14

ugh, with my first pregnancy i was so ill i wanted to die. i even considered having an abortion. i was hospitilized twice to get hooked up to an IV. miraculously, it went away at 11.5 weeks and never returned. I'm six weeks now with my 2nd pregnancy and i haven't experienced anything yet... but i'm petrified.


fefer1 - February 16

Preggie Pops!!! You can get them at a maternity stores and some Whole Foods stores. They are little hard candies with lavender and ginger in them that you suck on to relieve morning sickness. I'm at 11 weeks and have tried everything...since I've been eating these I haven't thrown up in the morning and I feel a LOT better. I'm amazed! I eat one before getting up in the morning and then eat breakfast and suck on another one. It has helped me so much, I only wish I knew about them earlier! That would have saved several weeks of suffering!!!


t brown - February 28

i really do sympathise with you and am 10 weeks pregs now and feel exactly the same i have tried everything even dry biscuits yet i still get sick - have you tried ginger biscuits and ginger ale - this subside my vomiting



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