Morning Sickness Diarrhea And Dehydration

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Martha - January 28

I've been having morning sickness since I was 4 weeks pregnant and I can't take it anymore. Not only do I have nausea and vomiting, but now I have diarrhea as well causing me to get dehydrated. I work for two doctors and all they tell me is to eat crackers and drink a lot of gatorade, but nothing is helping! I'm tired all the time and I feel weak. Please give advice!


Amanda - February 1

I'm having similar problems, with the severe morning sickness, diarrhea and dehydration. It's hard to keep crackers and juice down with the morning sickness, isn't it? My mom told me that the Bible says "Red wine for a sour stomach." She used to take one mouthful, really slowly, of room temp red wine before she ate, and said it worked wonders. Good luck and you're in my prayers!


vix - February 1

I cant help with the dehydration, or diarrhea, but with the morning sickness you should try slicing cuc_mber and leaving it to pickle in water salt and vinegar heaps of vinegar. they taste great.Evan my 3 yr old likes them, and they help me. I am 7 weeks and really hating the morning sickness, but the is light at the end of it all. Just remember, it all means that everything is going well with the pregnancy.


Been there too - February 10

try a high carb/ high protein diet. that should help bind you and keep the nausea at bay. eat several small means a day if you can. eat as soon as you feel hungry and do it slowly. sometimes its best not to eat and drink at the same sitting, so drink before and after eating. take broths, water, 100% fruit juice,skim milk (stay away from sodas, apple and grape juices, they aggrivate diarrhea). try ginger tea or ginger candy. What works for me is aroma therapy: peppermint, spearamint, and lavender oils are great for the queasy tummy (you can get a diffuser. add a few drops of the oil of your choice and plug it in, it will spread the sent all over the home or office and help a great deal) I also pop a tic tac or strong minty gum in my mouth when it gets bad and it will usually subside so I can eat (I also inhale a bottle of strong minty listerine, the smell seems to scare the bad feelings away). Goodluck and it will be over soon!


Ashley - February 13

I had the same problem. At one point it was so bad that I admitted myself into the hospital... they gave me IV's for several days to help with the dehydration and I felt a little better afterwards. I was also helpful b/c it made me gain weight... I was losing a crazy amount of weight due to all the vomiting.


annmaire - February 15

have you tried the diclecten it is a wounder drug its expensive but worth it to feel some what nomal


Jen - February 20

I agree with Vix. The Cuc_mbers pickled in water salt and vinegar helps a lot! It seems to be the only thing I can eat these days!


Molly - February 27

I hear you. How far along are you now? I am five weeks pregnant and I have had diarehha bad in the mornings, and all day depending on what I eat. I constantly feel hungry and if I don't eat at all it's even worse. I find that crackers, even wheat thins, or if you are at home, toast and jelly really helps me. I have a hard time with milk but water and grape juice work best for me. Sorry you are not feeling good, just keep drinking fluids. I thought I was the only one with gas pains and diarrhea. It's horrible!


Susie - March 7

I too had this problem. Eventually my doctor told me to stop taking the pre-natal vitamins - and guess what - I recovered! Give it a try for a few days and see if it helps.


CJost - March 29

I am 4 days late on my period and I am have diarreha, my nipples are tender. But when I take a pregnancy test it comes out neg. Any suggestions


Sunny - March 31

The only thing that worked for me was anti-nausea meds (zofran) and salt and vinegar chips. I tried ginger, bands, crackers, toast, ginger ale, frequent snacks - nothing worked. Call me jaded, but it's tough to remain upbeat when you're about to toss your cookies. Get the drugs and get the chips. Good luck!


Jemma - April 7

I really feel for you I am 19 weeks and have just gotten over hyperemesis (severe sickness) I had to go into hospital for IV fluids and nutrition. All I can say is try and drink as much water as you can keep down. I found ice water helped a little also see your OBGYN who may be able to give you anti nausea medication. Its hard to see an end to it but it will get better trust me on this one. This is my third pregnancy with severe sickness and it has stopped at 17 weeks with all three so keep your chin up get plenty of rest and lots of luck with everything x


Jennifer - April 22

I am 32 years old and pregnant. I am about 7-8 weeks and I'm sick all day long every day. Nothing I do helps. I stand in a hot shower until the water runs cold and it helps a little, I've stop taking my PV and I'm still sick.Please some body help me...


Sharon - May 15

HELP!!! I'm 9 weeks pregnant and I'm having trouble drinking any liquids. Water makes me feel sick, so do juices. The only things that don't bother me are ginger ale (I let it go flat) & ice tea in small amounts cause it's so sweet. Is there anything else I can drink that won't make me feel sick? I don't want to drink so much pop because of all the caffeine & I'm definitely not a pop drinker. Never touched the stuff before I got pregnant. I'm really trying to drink water cause I normally drink tons but it tastes sour. Please any suggestions are appreciated!!


Brooke - September 10

I am 4-5 weeks pregnant and reading all of your stories really helped me. This morning I woke up with a really bad stomach ache (cramps, sweating, etc) and had diarehha for about an hour straight. I don't think I'm eating enough, I'm always hungry and constantley have to urinate. I'm trying to drink fluids but I'm still not getting enough? Any suggestions


Tanja - June 8

I feel all of your pain. I'm 7 weeks and have had the (STOMACH FLU ON CRACK) that's what I call it - for about 2 weeks straight. The only glory is when it breaks for about 2 or so hours during the day. Prenatals make me puke. Steer clear of meat & eggs - I found they cause my diarrhea - Ice water between meals...B-Natal B6 supplements when you can stomach them - DO NOT eat anything FRIED, Fatty, or Sweet. Your body has regressed to early evolution and is throwing out anything that is remotely labeled toxin by your system. Nothing bitter, nothing too sweet, nothing animal - YOU'LL win! Oatmeal, bread, white cheese, water, crackers, potatoes, corn - and when you can stomach it - a big salad with maybe organic grilled chicken! I feel for everyone - This is the part women conveniently leave out when they brag in all glory of how beautiful pregnancy is - It's a sacrifice & I guess we are simply animals. It will run its course. This is a natural defense of our ancient bodies! It means your body is protecting its fetus...not all bodies do this today. Feel empowered if possible.



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