Morning Sickness Meds No Longer Working

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Nell143 - July 5

I was prescribed meds at 10 weeks for morning sickness and it no longer seems to be working. I am now 13 weeks I had 2 weeks of relief and don't know that I can handle throwing up so much again. :-( Anyone else have or are going through this some advice will help!


nelsongababy - July 6

I know exactly how you feel. I was sick from 6 weeks until 16 weeks - none of the meds worked - I was in the hospital twice from being so dehydrated - finally a 16 weeks it just went away. I am now 26 weeks and things are great. So, all I can say is good luck and maybe it will pa__s soon.


jenniferhanks - July 11

I know this sounds weird, but my doctor recommended one Vitamin B6 and a Unisom (the sleeping pill). When buying the Unisom, you are looking for the ingredient Diphenhydramine. Take one of each and you'll feel great! Hope you feel better soon. Take care :)


Lynne - July 17

I took benadryl the night before and I never had morning sickness. It apparenlty helps prevent morning sickness. Check with your doctor first before trying it though. I am not a medical professional by any sense of the imagination but it my case it did help me.


DorothyL - July 19

well s00n it will die 0ff... what w0rked the best f0r me was f0rcing myself t0 eat right when i w0ke up... I felt sick and i w0uld eat a peice 0f t0ast n then i w0uld feel better. gingerelle helped me t0..


jm - July 19

OOHHH MY GOD i remember this i was sick till 6 months 3-4 times a day, I also had meds from doctor, didn't work, what did work was not eating after7 p.m. I ate really slow and small meals through out the day like a small salad , fruit, also before I new I was going to eat a meal I bought a ginger root from the fresh fruit area in wal-mart I would cut about an in. off chop it up and put it in a 16 oz cup in hot water this halped me alot but you have to drink slow. IM DUE ON 7/25/06..GOODLUCK WITH YOUR BABY


Vashti - July 22

I also used the vitamin B6 & Unisom, after trying everything else and even loosing quite a bit of weight due to such bad morning sickness. This combo worked for me...finally something was helping! I hope it works for you too!


Kitcat - August 19

I've been on Zofran since the second month (I'm 18 weeks now) and it still helps. Comes in orally disolvable tablets (those are easier to keep down because they work faster but leave a really bad taste in your mouth - worse than the usual taste) or in pills that you swallow.


greeneyedgemini616 - September 13

OK since no one has mentioned this. I have BAD morning sickness it got progressively worse at 12 weeks and I had lost 25 pounds they then diagnosed me with hyperemesis gravidarum. I am on a Zolfran pump. The oral medicine wasn't working. The pump work by inserting a tiny cathedar in your leg and it delivers constant meds into your system and when you feel like you are gonna be sick they give you a demand dose which is a sudden burst of medicine. It is finally starting to help I have been on it for a month and I have fianlly gained back 3 pounds. I still can't eat very much but they were gonna put in a feeding tube so this was the alternative. My doctors didn't intervine until I had to have an IV 3 times for dehydration and I was losing a lot of weight. My live was starting to shoe signs of malnutrition and it wasn't getting better. I am now 18.5 weeks and feel better than I did. But I quit working and I stay off my feet a lot because the movement and light make it worse. Hang in there and don't be afraid to be persistant with your doc there are things they can do.


msmommie01 - October 3

I am experiencing the same however, my sickness is extreme! I throw up morning, noon and night. about 9 or 10 times daily. I can't eat anything, i can't drink anything, i can't even eat a cracker to calm my makes me throw up worse. I been researching and i found that I might suffer from Hyperemesis Gravidarum- a serious illness that occurs during pregnancy. I feel awful!! I can hardly get out of bed...Hopefully, you won't be sick for much longer.... Maybe it will pa__s...


tyler0323 - October 3

has any of you tried childrens gravol (the disolving kind)



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