My Ribs

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In pain - December 6

My ribs are sore when I touch them. Has anyone experience this problem?


Ang - December 8

I have that but I think mine is due mostly to the fact that my little guy likes to run his feet across the bottom of my rib -- and when I bend over to give a nice big boot to my lung. Yours are probably sensitive b/c of everything pushing up and stretching everything out.


Shauna - January 20

Yes! I think I started to feel it right after getting pregnant. My ribs are sore and tender, especially by the end of the day. I have to adjust the way I am sitting to get some sort of comfort. Everyone has been telling me it's normal and that things may be stretching...but I had it so early on I wasn't sure what to think. This is my first pregnancy too and I'm 21 weeks. So I couldn't tell you if it should go away or get worse. :(


Annette - January 22

Shauna, it does get worse : ))) but I do hope you have better luck than I did. This is my first pregnancy too but I am already 36 weeks and baby riverdanced my ribs since week 29, it hurts so bad I cry and scream. I am affraid he will end up breaking something inside me.


Lori - January 25

I can't offer any advice, but I can tell you are not alone. My ribs are the only real problem I have experienced in my pregnancy to date. My ribs are aching by the end of the day and it's tough to get comfortable. They hurt when I sleep on my side as well. They say you should try not to sleep on your back but that's the only relief I get. It did help a bit when I bought a very loose fitting comfortable bra (no underwire).


kat - February 12

i have the same problem. Rib pain since day 1!


Victoria - March 11

I am 19 weeks and just began experiencing the same thing (sore rib right below the b___st on my right side). It is tender to the touch - almost feels like a bruise. I suppose I can't complain to much as my pregnancy has been fabulous and complication free so far. It seems worse after sitting behind the computer all day.


NinaSciascia - July 9

Hi, I've had this pain in the left side of my ribs for almost 3 months now! It started about 3 months after i gave birth and was exercising! It's in the upper rib area right under the b___st and it feels like something's bruised or pulled. The pain is most unbearable at night and oddly enough, i can only sleep on my left side...the same side as the pain site...sleeping on my right is extremely painful...I decided to research myself and it seems all my symptoms point to Costochondritis. I haven't seen a dr yet, only because i have a 5 month old and cannot afford to wait long in the waiting room! I should have made a bigger may have been gone by now if i did!



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