Nasal Congestion RELIEF

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laurenl - February 26

I was sick all last week with a cold/cough/sinus infection. My doctor gave me an antibiotic, which didn't really help. He told me that I could use Afrin nasal spray for a couple of days, but not to use it beyond that. Well, I'm still having to use it at night, because I CAN NOT breath!!! I'm sitting at work now, completely stopped up. I know that nasal congestion is common during pregnancy. Does anyone have any remedies that have worked for them. I've tried the saline nasal spray, but that doesn't work at all? Anyone with any info..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?????????


kristina1980 - February 26

Hi, do you know why shouldn't you use Afrin more that couple of days? I use Afrin every night, just one drop to each nostril, because I can't breath either during the night. I didn't mention that to my doctor though, because I figured, I don't drink it, so it should go to the baby. Am I wrong?


kristina1980 - February 26

it should NOT, instead of should go to theb baby. sorry


laurenl - February 26

Well, for one, you can get addicted to it. I have before, but only using it at night, shouldn't cause you to get addicted to it. They also say that studies have not been done on it and that something about restricting blood vessels or something like that and that it could possibly harm the baby. You can research it online and it will tell you more than I can.


mrsyouthlady - February 26

I just went to my doc today and I have a head/chest cold coming on. She said Sudafed regular is okay to take. Just not on an empty stomach and drink LOTS of fluids (water is best)


Angee2 - March 22

Oh my god- Im in the same boat. I've been sick for almost 2 weeks and it's all in my sinuses. I cant breathe or smell, I feel like my ears are clogged too. -I also have a mild cough. My OB said regular SUDAFED is ok to take for congestion. Ive only taken it once becuase I want to try to tough it out.--but today I had to take it. I havent slept well in a week and Im gonna lose my mind if it doesnt go away. I've been using a vaporizer at night too, but I honestly cant tell if it's working. I agree w/ you about Saline...does nothing. You can use Vaporub, but if you're as stuffed up as I am, it's not gonna work. Hot showers kind of help, but the problem returns quickly after. THis sucks. --doesnt feel like sudafed did anything yet and I took it 5 hours ago. UGH!


damma32 - March 29

Okay, I have suffered w/ sinus congestion my whole life! Here is what helps me and it doesn't involve drugs. There is a Sinus Rinse, it comes in a kit by Neil Med or something like that. You can get it at Walgreens or any pharmacy store, or online, about $20 a kit. It's a bottle with a straw down the middle. You fill it with warm clean water, it says use sterile water but at night when I am suffering I use warm tap water. The kit comes with specifically measured saline solution packages, a little powder you drop into the water that's basically just salt and baking soda but measured to precice ph and salinity. You shake it up and then lean over your sink and slowly spray the solution in one nostril and then the other. It moistens your pa__sages and cleans out the congestion. It actually washes out all the gunk that's keeping you from breathing. You have to do it an hour before you lie down, but sometimes I do it in the middle of the night, just know that what water remains in your sinus will drain down your throat and it will taste salty to you. However, it is amazing how it works. My sister discovered it at the Jewish Respiratory Hospital when she went to be treated for her asthma. It's one of the best kept secrets. It sounds gross to have the liquid coming out of your other nostril or your mouth, but if you have sinus problems, you know gross when you can't breath and you have all that drainage. The saline sprays they sell and saline drops just simply do not work! They havn't for me. I hope this helps. I am struggling with a different congestion now in my 17th week and it involves BLOOD! Apparently congestion wasn't bad enough, I now have to deal with nose bleeds. Good luck ladies!


suze42 - March 29

Just to be clear on the Afrin/nasal spray "addiction". This does not mean you are addicted in the sense that your body craves it. What happens is that you become chronically stuffy when you use it for too long. So dont go beyond the doctors suggestion or the exact symptom of congestion you are trying to get rid of will become a chronic issue. Stuffyness is unfortunately a wonderful by product of pregnancy. Try to alternate saline, with the nasal spray or with sudafed. Sudafed is an okay'ed drug and does clear congestion. Also, its springtime, so nasal congestion tends to be aggravated now, with open windows, pollen etc... when it gets warmer and you start turning on your AC, you may get relief as well. Hang in there, you are not alone. Im stuffy and sniffling as i sit here right now! :)


concernedhusband - May 1


I'm new to the forum. My 6 month pregnant wife is very very very congested. It's making me sad that there's nothing i can do for her :-(  Her congestion is so bad that her food has no taste to her. She's having trouble sleeping. Things we tried:

Neti Pot - Can't seem to get the proper flow. Doesn't seem to work anyway
Arm&Hammer Saline - Definitely doesn't work
Bowl with boiling hot water with towel covered over head - Made her face clear and moisturized but did absolutley nothing for congestion
Nasal Crom - Didn't Work
Claritin/Allegra- Didn't Work
Afrin - Gave relief for about 3hrs but we are scared to death to use it. Doc said it was ok to use it but said that we couldn't use Dristan. Dristan and Afrin are exactly the same thing just different brands i thought. So we stopped using the Afrin after one time. 

Afrin worked the best but we are still unclear if its safe or not? Does anyone know for sure. Also do you guys have any other remedies, suggestions, prayers lol. Any and all ideas are appreciated.


~ Concerned Husband



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