Need Advice How To Handle Quot Pregnancy Mask About Quot Comments

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Annette - November 14

I am 27 weeks and have been experiencing BAD BAD BAD mood swings since day 1. I got pregnancy mask and every single person I meet feels compelled to comment on it, with sorry faces like someone died and falsetto voice "YOUUUU GOT PREEEEEGNANCY MAAAAASK!!!! " as if I didn´t know. It is either that or commenting about the size of my belly: "WOW, you are HUUUUGE!", "if you continue to grow like that you will need a C-section!!!" or "You look SOOOOOOO cute with your big belly and your cheeks so round and full!" . It really annoys me, I have enough already feeling tired, fat and ugly to, in addition, have to smile to that. I know they don´t mean to be rude, but I am tired of it, I want to let them know that those are the things you shouldn´t tell to a pregnant woman without punching someone on the face. Please HEEEEEELP!!!!!!!!


Jennifer - November 14

Oh Annette, I sooooooo know how you feel. The only thing is I'm 35 weeks pregnant and even I admit I am huge, but common sense and manners should tell people we don't need them to tell us that. I constantly get the OMG! You're huge comments and the your face is really filling out comments. I'm so sorry to say that it will only get worse the farther along in your pregnancy you get. I have started snapping back at people. Someone stopped me in the hall the other day and said You're still pregnnant? I said yes obviously. Then someone said God girl your huge! Are you ever going to stop growning? (by the way I've gained in the normal 25-30 pounds range) I said really? I hadn't noticed. Thanks for the positive comment. She later came and apologized to me. Go to the third trimester board and check out the post labled sick of comments!!!!! It will give you a laugh and make you feel better. You're not alone!!!


Annette - November 14

Jennifer, thanks! You really made me smile :)


Rachel - December 5

I get this too, I've even got "Wow, wouldn't it be funny if your water broke at the Christmas party. Then housekeeping would have to clean it up." I just get up and walk out of the room and don't talk to them the rest of the day.I'm 38 weeks and still working 40 hours as a chef. I've only gained 15 lbs, one girl said I bet your ready to pop, I glared at her and said NO!!! I'm fine!!! They think what they are saying is funny, but its not. Just wait until they are in our shoes.


ok - December 5

What kind of comments if any did you make to pregnant women before you were pregnant. Some people ARE clueless and jsut have nothing better to say than the stuff we have all heard a million times before. Either use your new found b___hiness for good and alienate some people or think of some witty reply.


Annette - December 5

That´s exactly where I don´t know what to do. It´s really annoying to have people pointing at my face ALL the f"#$% time and some of them HAVE to say it every single time they meet me; the first couple times I smiled and said simply "yes, I know I have pregnancy mask" but it´s to the point that I am afraid I will lose it, be a total b___h and say something very rude... at the same time, I do want to let people know it is not appropiate to comment on those things and that they should think twice about what they say. People is ALWAYS commenting on something about my pregnancy, what I eat, how big I look, how I MUST be having a girl because I look soooo wide around the waist, but the pregnancy mask issue really hurts me because they make it sound so bad and horrendous and pittiful, as if I was a lepper. I still don´t know what to do...


Jbear - December 8

Maybe you could use some concealer...I didn't get any comments about my appearance but for some reason my customers always teased me about being sure I knew who the father was (I've been married 9 years). If you think the comments while you're pregnant are bad, just wait until the baby is born. You can walk through a store and hear that your baby isn't bundled up enough, that your baby is going to get heat rash if you keep him wrapped up like that, that you look way too young to be a mom, that (in my case) it's great to see proof that fat women still have s_x...the things people feel that they can say to you are unbelievable. I just thank everyone for their interest...sounds polite until they think about it.


Olivene - December 11

I called my good friend Pudge during her pregnancy. I feel really bad about it now, especially since it is my turn now. I think sarcasm is the answer. Say. Thanks, that really makes my day.


Angela in California - December 15

People are clueless. I never once said to a pregnant woman that she looked huge or "aren't you due yet??" and yet I get these comments all the time. It's annoying. I'm not even that huge, just the belly. Next time someone rude tells me I look further along that 7 months, I might just say "so do you"


kr - December 15

I'm really annoyed also!! People ask me Are you sure you're not due sooner? Or Are you sure you're not having twins? I'm almost 28 weeks and gained about 20 pounds so far. Guess because I'm pet_te I seem really big. People are annoying!!


H - December 30

I am 20 weeks and dreading the comments. So far I have gotten "you aren't very big for 5 months, are you sure you are that far along?" Are you kidding me? Like I don't know my due date, like they don't tell me everytime I go to the doctor how far along I am etc. People just always a__sume they know more about your pregnancy than you do. As far as me not being very big, this is my first pregnancy and my baby is measuring right on target on ultrasound, she's even a day ahead. I wish people would just keep quiet! I also get the full face comments and those are the ones I really hate! Or how about when people put their hand on my abdomen to try and feel the baby move and I tell them you can't feel it from the outside yet and they ignore me and leave their hand there...come on people!


Seredetia - December 31

Geez guys, I'm so sorry people have been so rude!! I'm waiting to see if I'm pregnant and man, if I am...OMG! I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut if someone said something like that. LOL. Hang in there!! (BTW, when my mom was pregnant with me, she said that the *DOCTOR* called her "hippo". Ugh...that must have felt really nice)


Kate - January 13

Oh God - I've had hundreds of daft comments too! The best ones have been at uni (I'm a mature student, married etc...but I have a baby face and look like I'm around 18, so people a__sume I've just "got myself into trouble" so I've had some fantastic shocked "what have your parents said??" comments. I found that..."they're very pleased for me and my husband" tends to cause a quick re-evaluation of judgements and some red faces!). My b___sts have gone up to a ridiculous F cup and I had one girl bounce up to me and say "ah, wow man! You've got Mommy Boobs! How wicked is that!?" I wanted to smack her for being a moron (but instead smiled in a bemused kind of way). And my MIL, who turned to me and said " least your face has stayed slim..." What!!?? I'm still a UK size 8...just an 8 in maternity clothes instead of normal clothes! Again, had to reign in the hormonal rage. I've found that just saying "oh...thank you" in a sincere way often has the desired effect of making people realise that they're being a little bit rude (for some reason, being polite works better than being stroppy...?). Also, making good use of my husband, friends and other women I know who've recently had babies and who understand what I'm ranting about!


Annette - January 18

I got a new one last week: "Are you having twins?".... what kind of question is that? Why can´t people just a__sume there are some of us with BIG BELLIES. Oh, and almost 10 weeks later, people keep on commenting on my pregnancy mask.



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