No Appetite At 7 Weeks Normal

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karen goode - July 9

I feel nausea and have absolutely no appet_te. I have to force myself to eat even when I am not nauseaus. Is it normal?


Gena - July 9

Yes, it is. That's why a lot of women lose weight instead of gain it early on. I couldn't hardly eat anything when i was 7 weeks either.


ca8 - July 9

Finally, someone else has the same symptoms as me. I have posted this same question and could not get a response. I am almost 10 weeks. I have not had an appet_te since about 5 weeks. I also have to make myself eat, which is very hard. I have lost 14 pounds, which a lot of it was from nausea and vomiting. Iam sorry I am no help, but I hope that this gets better as I am soooo tired of forcing myself to eat.


Gena - July 9

I was seeing a dietician before getting pregnant and had lost 20 lbs. Since conceiving I have lost 10 more, I have not puked, but everything just sounds gross. And every once in a while I would get really hungry and then not be able to eat hardly anything.


LollyM - July 10

This same thing happened to me when I was newly pregnant. Nothing sounded good for a while and I was nauseous allot which made eating sound bad. Ginger candy does help with nausea though! Needless to say, I am 36 weeks now and my baby is 6 1/2 pounds. I have gained almost 50 pounds since the beginning of my pregnancy! Just try to eat crackers and those kinds of things and drink allot of water. Also your doctor will probably have more good advice. Just don't worry for now because being stressed early on is more harmful to your baby than not feeling hungry!


karen goode - July 10

Thanks to you all for your responses. I have not vomitted but i am nauseaus. I just worry that my baby is not getting enough nutrients.


trytryagain - July 11

At 7 weeks your baby isn't getting its nutrients from you. You should eat what you can stomach, and if it lasts past 11 or 12 weeks, your doctor can probably prescribe something safe for you and the baby.



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