No Bowel Movement In Over 2 Weeks

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Jess - August 29

I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and I am concerned because I have not had a bowel movement in quite some time. I do not really get constipated because I never have to urge to "go"...anyone else have this problem or know what I can do? Also, is it safe to take a fiber supplement like "Metamucil"?


- August 29

thats not good, u should call ur dr. right away


Gina 12-27-05 - August 29

I have problems too but not that long. You need to go to doc asap. You could be blocked. Let us know please.


J - August 30

You should call your doctor. My doc said it's ok to take metamucil or benefiber every day prevent constipation.


Claudia - September 1

Call you doc and he/she may prescribe stool softner for you. Afterwards, you need to look into your diet to prevent consitipation and metamucil is safe to take. I am using it since week 7.


Ashley - September 14

I am 8 weeks and just got hospitalized for a cyst and over 3 week constipation. It has still been hard to stay on track but it is safe to take the Citrucel (they come in pill form) and the more vegetables you eat the easier it is to go. Also you can take only Dulcolax suppositories or a Fleet enema. (They didn't work for me) Good luck. If you find anything else, let me know!!


Jen - September 20

Be careful with constipation, it can cause toxins to be released into your body. Try fiber cookies! they taste gross but they work.


Jbrio - September 22

Your doctor can prescribe you prenatal pills that have a stool softener in them to keep you more regular. They are called Citrical.


L - September 23

I have been on daily stool softener and benefiber, Doc also said Milk of Magnesia was okay, she said enemas could start contractions though so be careful there, I sometimes only have a bm once a week (though sometimes more often). Doc also said it was okay to take a gentle vegetable laxative.


Marussia - October 3

After trying all kinds of fibre, magnesium and aloe vera juice I am going to go to a reflexologist next. My cousin said it did wonders for her during all three of her pregnancies.


Hanna - November 14

I would definetly ask your doctor first before trying Metamucil, or the pharmacist. Just buy a box of high fibre granola bars in the mean time, and drink lots of water. Make fibre a regular thing to check when you are buying your groceries. It is so good for weight loss aswell after baby!!



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