No Longer Constipated Should I Be Worried

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nic - March 11

Hi, I'm 15 weeks and in the past week or two I've gone from being very constipated (only going once every 3 or 4 days) to now going every day. Could this be a sign of impending miscarriage? I'm super paranoid as I've already had 6 miscarriages, and I so badly want this one to stick!! I keep telling myself that maybe I'm just eating more and that's why the const. has stopped, but I'm not sure.... anyone else experienced this?


nic - March 11

I'm just replying to myself because I forgot to tick the 'receive notification' msg!


squished - March 11

I too went from being horribly constipated, so bad I had to take Colace and even that didn't help too much, to all of a sudden everything moving along just fine. I don't know what changed exactly but boy am I glad that it did! So far everything is great and I'm at 21w and the constipation stopped at about 17-18w. I'm sure that you and your little one are fine :)


nic - March 12

Oh squished, thanks so much for replying - you've made me feel a lot better!!


Tammy276 - March 13

no, don't be worried that you are no longer constipated! That is a good thing and it is better to be regular than constipated......your hormones throughout pregnancy will change your digestive system all the week you'll be constipated and the next week you'll be pooping 3 times a day!!


ophelia73 - March 15

Enjoy it while it lasts, I say!


eclectic66 - March 22

I too thought I was abnormal bc I have had fairly consistent bowel movements since I have been pregnant. I am 20w3d and can actually say that I have had a lot of loose stools time and again, but at the latest check up baby and I were both fine. It's amazing how hormones can wreak havoc on our systems!


Lori6883 - April 5

Oh don't get my started on hormones haha. In the beginning of my pregnancy I had pimples all over my face and back. I never get pimples so I was like, wow I so do not know how to handle this. My mom said, "ahh, yes the wonderful extra hormones" not so wonderful when your face and back looks like I have the chicken pox


lmk - April 16

I've been more regular than I've ever been with this pregnancy. I was kind of worried about it at the beginning. Have you changed your diet at all? I eat a lot of raw fruits, brown rice, and whole grains...things with fiber...and I think that (and walking regularly) helps keep me not constipated. Also keeps me clogging the toilet...but that may be TMI! LOL


anna_the_cobb - April 17

I'm due in a week and haven't had any constipation at all. Constipation isn't the "normal" thing they tell you it is, nor is it anything to really worry about too much. Be thankful :D


mrs. rochin - April 18

Don't worry about been regular again actually you should be glad you don't have to deal with the bloating & the cramping for been constipated especially because constipation can lead to hemrrhoids because of the constant pushing of trying to get that you know what out of you're system. Good Luck & enjoy pooping again!



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