Ovarian Cyst False Pregnancy Test

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J - April 1

Hi - has anyone had a positive pregnancy test and then found out that they have an ovarian cyst (and they're not pregnant)?


to J - June 8

I had a negative test and they said I had a cyst. The first two times I did not have a cyst. They did not discover it until now. Which I find impossible, because that what they were looking for.


ERICA - June 9

J are you sure you are not pregnan? A positive test is alway positive. You cannot get a positive with a cyst. Have they done and ultrasound. I'm 11 weeks pregnant w/a cyst.


kate - June 10

can a cyst stop you from getting pregnant ? how do you knew you have a cyst--symptoms?


erica - June 10

No a cyst can't stop you from getting pregnant. Unless you have more than 2. The reason I knew I had a cyst, was pressure in my pelvis alot of cramping, period very different, nauseas, and very bloated.


amanda - June 22

I have had 2 positive pregnancy tests, i was seen in the ER recently for a burst cyst on my ovary. Now when I just had an ultrasound, they can't see anything. So who knows if Im really pregnant or not!


MichelleB - June 22

My sister in law told me that is what happened to her. She had a positive test, and thought she miscarried. She was sent to a specialist by her doctor, and was told that it was a false positive and she had a cyst or something abnormal.


Marcy - July 5

So, it's possible to get a false positive if one has a cyst?? I just took a test last night and it came out positive. Yet, I also have an ultrasound for the 19th to see if I have a cyst. Arg, I want to get excited that I might be pregnant because this is the first time, but now reading this....my heart's just kind of broken. The military doctors are all full of appointments until next month, so I won't know anything til a while from now.


lauren - July 14

yes it even states in the tests that it can falsify the test


Rachel - July 14

The kind of cyst that can cause a false positive hpt is rare. So more than likely you are pregnant. I did a lot of research into this when I got my + test. We weren't trying for a baby and I didn't "feel" pregnant so I wasn't convinced til my first ultrasound. Good Luck


Jess - July 25

I have a daughter and she has a post_tive test and 2 yrs ago she was told she had cyst on her ovaries.I of corse hope she is not so an answer would be great.


Marcy - July 26

Cysts usually last only a couple of months if they mean nothing. If they are dangerous or not supposed to be there, then they have to be removed so they don't become something more dangerous. The doctors usually watch them to make sure they go away; if they don't, they do something about it. My guess is that she is pregnant because there's only a rare certain cyst that causes the false positives. Just on an update on my story. I was pregnant and the cyst was gone. I say was because I had a miscarriage last week. But, I guess that answered my question on whether it was a false positive causing cyst. *sigh*


Kat - August 2

Is it possible to get a false negative w/ an ovarian cyst??? I had an ultrasound done may 16th that said I have a ma__s in my uterus and an ovarian cyst. The nurse tried to tell me I was pregnant. I went home, took the test, and it came back negative. By july my nipples started hurting, then my b___bs started growing, then my stomach started cramping and growing. I'm a small build and you can really tell its growing. Now I'm in the first week of august and my stomach/b___sts continue to grow. My stomach is as hard as a rock and is sensative and my b___st really hurt. My nipples are also getting darker. But I have taken 4 home pregnancy tests in the past two weeks which all say I'm not. I am going to take a quantative hcg blood test today. Will my cyst affect the outcome of that? I am either pregnant or have a tumor. I hope I'm pregnant...


Noodle - August 15

you may find that you were just not far along enough for your pregnancy to show yet so they just pa__sed it off as a cyst and you may have both. take another test and if its still positive then ask for another scan. you may find a little baby in there afterall


ariannasmama16 - September 15

Cysts are tricky things...they can cause you to be infertile and they can also affect pregnancy test result because of the effect they have on your horomones...i have been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome since i was 16... i have one child year and a half old and we ae currently trying to have another but it has proven much harder this time around...probably thinking too much about it... some are lucky and after the first child or any pregnancy no longer have problems with the cysts some arent as lucky it has run through the women in my family including my mother and two sister but they have had no problems with them since before their first pregnancy...unfortunately my luck is just the opposite... at the moment i am having difficulty debating whether or not to get checked out by the doctor since we have been trying i am now 12 almost 13 days late and taken 2 test both negative ...the thing with pcos is that it can also cause irregular periods... when they first found out i had the cysts i was 16 and had gotten tired of any time i went to the doctors office the nurses giving me strange looks when i informed them i had not had a period in almost a year..they of course thought i was pregnant but im pretty sure not many human pregnancies last for a year... then one day i had to be rushed to the er with horribly sharp pains i was scheduled for an ultrasound a week later since the doctor was"sure" i must have contracted something... later they found multiple cysts... unfortunately the only thing out there that they have to help make them go away is birth control ...what that does is regulates your cycle so that the amount of fluid the cyst collects is i suppose somewhat under control unfortunately with that its kind of hit or miss doesnt always work... which makes it very ironic to have to take birth control to regulate me so that i can get pregnant....


autumnsmommy - October 10

Cysts can cause annovulation (no ovulation) so therefore they can cause you to not get pregnant! I have had cysts and the doctor monitored my cycles. With the cysts my progesterone level was very low when I did ovulate and when the cyst was found it was causing me to not Ovulate at all! If you have a cyst has PCOS been ruled out? It is common to get false hpt results with cysts. It says right on the home pregnancy test box!


autumnsmommy - October 20

Pregnancy test. A positive pregnancy test may suggest that your cyst is a corpus luteum cyst, which can develop when the ruptured follicle that released your egg reseals and fills with fluid.



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