Pain From Movements

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Angelina - June 16

Im 17 and this is my second pregnancy.I am having pains in my ribs and i have been peeing like crazy.This didnt happen during my first pregnancy.I know its normal but i was wondering if there is anything i could possibly do to calm the baby down so he wont be beating my bladder and my ribs up.


Jessica F. - June 16

I wish there were! I am not far enough along for baby to be kicking my ribs yet but it seems when my bladder is the slightest full baby decides to stretch all of a sudden and start somersaulting and BAM i have to go pee really bad. Sometimes it's so bad I'm not sure I'm going to make it to the bathroom! This child is my little kickboxer!


Angelina - June 16

Its seems like every time i sit down the baby pushes me back to the restroom.I feel like i have to pee so bad but when i get to the restroom ,i pee just a few drops.Its so frustrating and sometimes i wish i could just hold it if the urge wasnt so bad.


Jbear - June 17

If you lean way forward while you're peeing you can sometimes get more out, so you don't have to go as often. I'm having a lot of discomfort from my baby's movements too. This is my second pregnancy, and I was so comfy during the first one.


Angelina - June 19

Its weird that you say that because i was just readin that today on a pregnancy site lol


Nelly - June 19

I am 35 weeks with my 2nd and I am so miserable especially with all the peeing that I have got to do. I never did it this much with my first. I have got to go about 4 to 5 times an hour and just the other night from the time I laid down to go to bed til I got up the next morning I had to get up 9 times and the nest night 7 times. I cant go anywhere and enjoy anything anymore because of it.I also have constant rib pain and I have had it the entire pregnancy nearly ,sense the 2nd trimester, nothing that I do keeps it from hurting.


Angelina - June 19

Wow nelly,I kknow how you feel there but the baby dont put pressure on my ribs.Somehow there is a place in my back the baby pushes on and it hurts so bad i cry sometimes so i have to push on my tummy and hope he or she moves out of that position.How oddly though the reason i thought i was pregnant this time was because the frequent urination.I am probably on your peeing schedule though lol


Jessicca - June 21

I wish there where something all us pregnant women can do to prevent the baby on beating us up! I'm having the very same problem. My doctor told me to lay down on my back and rest my legs up with pillows, this usually helps relax yourself and the baby, but when you have a job and other things going on with your life it's really hard to rest! Goodluck!


Angelina - June 21

Sometimes when the baby is on my bladder i just kinda nudge my tummy and he moves....but then other times he just kicks and repositions himself on it even worse lol


Jbear - June 21

When I want my baby to move, I lay down on the bed and let my daughter (she's 3) tap on my tummy and sing songs to the baby. This just about always makes the baby move, and we just keep doing it until the baby is in a better position.


mari - June 21

im only 2 months preg and i have go pee alot sometimes i feel like i need to pee alot when i only need to pee just a little there's realy not much u could do..



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