Pain In Abdomine Could It Be An Ectopic

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SaraH - June 27

Hey I’m probably worrying myself for nothing, but still I'm worried....I don't know if I am pregnant yet or not (I was due for AF today but it hasn't shown up). My dh and I use CM and such so I know when I O'd and there is a good chance that I am pregnant this month. I have had 2 m/c and got pregnant with both of them the 1st month I tried. I've also been feeling somewhat sick the last few days and had some cramping at about 6 dpo (implant cramping?). I took a hpt and it came out negative -it may just not be showing up yet as AF wasn't due till today.- Well...anyways I think maybe I'm worrying about nothing but after loosing 2....So I am wondering, I've been having pain in the left side of my lower abdomen. I'm also having pain in my hip and somewhat in my side. At times it also hurts in a radiating pattern down my leg. It may be nothing other than something like my hip possibly being out of place and pinching some nervous, but I'm worried too. The majority of the pain is in my abdomen, and kind of feels like a cramping/spasming. The pain isn't bad just uncomfortable. I don't have any bleeding, I don't even know yet that I'm for sure pregnant, and nothing I do (tensing my muscles, pussing on my stomach, and such) makes it worse. I guess what I’m worried about is the possibility of an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy. I know that abdominal pain is a sign of an ectopic, (but obviously there are many other causes of abdominal pain too). So does anyone know what an ectopic feels like? Can it cause hip, side and radiating leg pain? Do you have implant cramping with an ectopic? Like I said almost all of the pain is in my abdomen, but it comes and goes in the other areas as well...If anyone knows what and ectopic is like it would be great. We just moved and I don't have a doctor here and our med insur doesn't start until the 1st so....THANKS


ca8 - June 29

SarahH, I had an ectopic pregnancy in Dec. and the symptoms I had were brown discharge for 3-4 weeks straight, which turned into heavy bleeding. Once the heavy bleeding started I began to have pain on my left lower abdominal area that I would describe as pulsating to spasming. Occasionally, I had a few sharp pains in my side. I also had pressure in my rectum that felt like I was going to explode and made it hard to sit. Other signs that I have heard to look for is sharp pains in your shoulder (which could be a sign of internal bleeding) and pain that doubles you over. I never had any radiating pains, so I am not sure about that. If I were you I would try to take another pregnancy test to see what result you get. When I tested with the ectopic, I got a negative test at first and that same night I went and bought a digital ClearBlue Easy and found out that I was actually pregnancy. The ClearBlue Easy was more sensitive than the first test I bought. If your pain gets worse, you need to go to ER even though your insurance isn't into effect. Good Luck!


palm - July 14

Sara, I was released just last Thursday after I was diagnosed with ectopic and got a lapratomy (sp?). Just to share dates: my last period was 6/8, I started feel a bit stomach prob on 7/1 all day for about 10 mins each (so i thought I had constipation). Then 7/2 no prob until 11pm, then my lower abdomen started to feel really bad. I was able to go to sleep, but the pain never ceased. It feels as if the entire lower abdomen (below belly b___ton) just hurt, they can not be touched. My shoulder and everything else is fine. In ER the next day, they did urine test and ultrasound, they confirmed I was 4-5 wks preg and they found a lot of blood in my abdomen. The laparotomy showed about 2 cm of fetus and 300 cc of blood inside. I never took HPT but apprently my HCG was 800. So even if your AF is due, you might be already preg. Also, my ectopic is in the ovary. It does not happen often, but ectopic can happen anywhere. Good luck and God bless!



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