Pain In Groin

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Nikki - October 19

yesterday as i was walking, i got this sharp pain where my leg connects to my bf said that's called the groin only really happens when i walk and put pressure on my left leg and now i seem to be getting a cramp in my calf on my left this normal?


Daile - October 20

Nikki, it sounds like you pulled a muscle. If it hurts very badly, or prevents you from walking normally, you should see a doctor. They can do tests to see what is wrong. If you pulled a groin muscle you will probably need to wear a brace to help it heal. Also, cramping is a normal thing that happens to everyone. However, if it is a constant cramp, or moves up your leg, or prevents you from walking you should see a doctor. Long periods of inactivity (such as being put on bed rest) can cause blood clots to form, which would need to be immediatley removed.


Holly - March 30

I am 8 months pregnant, and no, you did not pull a muscle. I am having the same pain, and what both books and my dr. have told me that I am experiencing Round Ligament pain. It's rubber band like, and it holds your cervix in place. When it stretches, it can cause pain in your groin (actually all along the "french cut bikini area)- and OUCH, does it hurt! Sorry you too are experiencing this. My dr. reccomends stopping whatever you are doing at the time, and putting your feet up for a few minutes. I'm not sure if that really helps though. Just take it easy and count down the days till you get to meet your little baby! Good luck!


nicole - March 31

hi.I am 5 months along now, and I recently started getting that same pain. It sort of feels like a knife is being inserted into your groin every time you put your foot to the floor! I found that just sitting down for a couple of minutes helped alot! good luck!


Carla - April 17

No, it is serious pain I have had in both pregnancies. It happens because your round ligaments which anchor your uterus down stretch and pull on nerves. Try a pregnancy belt to support your pelvis. I know what this pain is like. It is NOT a pulled muscle.


tammy - April 24

i too am experiencing this pain, on my left going from my pelvic to the thigh, its very painful, i walk with a limp now it hurts so badly, i can't hardly lift my let and turn over in the bed without the pain. i'm 6 1/2 months along and this has been going along for a couple of months now and it seems the farther i am along the worse it gets. i'm worried that i may be a blood clot.


Melissa - April 25

In response to Tammy...I am experiencing exactly what you are describing. I've been searching on the internet and found that if the pain's that bad (difficulty walking and rolling over in bed, it could be something called symphysis pubis disorder (spd) and your doctor may be able to help you out. Google it and you can find more info.


julie - April 29

i have the same pain and am only 13 weeks!!!! i am not a large person nor do i have a lot of weight on my belly yet. what do i do???


beauci - August 29

I got this too. I used to get a lot of invected cysts on bikini line due to ingrown hairs and it is the same exact pain. Only I couldn't feel the lump. went to the doctor and she said I've pulled a muscle. driving me crazy. it won't get better and it Kills. I already waddle when I walk now coz of the pain i walk like a full on penguin :)


Sarah - March 4

This (round ligament stretching) is a horrible symptom of pregnancy but it can be relieved in a number of ways: warm bath, heating pad on the area of pain, resting- sitting or putting your feet up, and a mild pain reliever if permited by your doctor. The pain is common and will get really anoying, just try to think of how cute your baby will be when he/she is born at a healthy weight after 9 months. It is easy to pull muscles during pregnancy so if your pain persist all day long for more than 3 days contact your doctor ASAP.


Robyn - March 6

Hi, I have the same problem. I thought it was a groin pull, but when I mentioned it to the doc he said no, it is a round ligament sprain. He said it can happen b/c the round ligamnet is stretched as your belly grows and you might move in such a way as to cause a sprain. He said there is really nothing that you can do, but to be careful and slow in your movements, such as when you get out of bed. Some days are worse for me than others and it even makes me limp when I walk - it is very painful, I know. I really hope this doesn't last the entire pregnancy - ouch!


venegasn - April 29

Oh my! I was dropped to my knees by the sudden pain in my groin today. First time ever with this and this is my third pregnancy. I'm 5 1/2 months pregnant and felt great, very active. I raced my 5yr old up 3 flights of stairs in a breeze, no problemo...until I reached the top and took that first step on level ground...ouch!! My eyes watered from the sudden shock and insult of such pain. I'm still in pain as I sit and type this, it's been at least 6 hrs since my initial injury and although I only feel sharp pain when I take a step, I feel the dull throbbing pain withough relief. I'm am relieved to know that this is somewhat common but I cannot possibly conceive of feeling this for the rest of my pregnancy. Ok ok maybe I over did it with the stairs but I learned my lesson and now I need a quick fix!! I guess my dr. was right, "you're not in your twenties anymore."


cdraz08 - August 29

I have this same pain......... I am 2 weeks from my delivery date and i fear that this will interfer with my delivery. It is extremly pinful and has been going on for a couple days. I am wondering if i should contact my doctor.... I have another week until my next appointment.


christinamcmullen - December 27

I am 7 months pregnant and pulled my groin muscle while exercising. It is awful! How do I help the recovery process?


mrsricco - March 29

I am 6 months pregnant and I have the same excruciating pain in my groin and pelvic area, especially after sleeping on my side. I have found that going to the chiropractor helps alot because part of the pain is due to my tailbone popping out of alignment.


RosaL - April 22

I am 27 weeks and this is my second child. I started experiencing this extreme pain from pelvic area to left upper thigh. I have to stop what I am doing because my leg becomes heavy and numb and the pain is severe it takes my breathe away. The problem is my job consist of me walking and fast pace work. I also somethings have to pull or push stretchers or patients. I am worried that my doctor will tell me to stop working. This pain has worsen since 4 days pain level increases and ow it happens about every 10-15 minutes. I try to take warm baths and rub my hip but it does not seem to work. Has anybody found something to relieve this pain. I am also planning to call my doctor tomorrow because it stops me from doing y job.



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