Pain In My Lower Left Side

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January - March 25

lower left side dull ache/cramping here too.. i'm in my 5th week.. glad to hear i'm not alone. I see the doc april 4th, hoping for an early u/s to know it's ok.


Rayggae - March 28

Wow, I was really scared when I started to experience a dull ache in the lower left side of my pelvic area. It kinda felt like a strain and a "bone out of place" kind of ache. I am not scheduled for my obgyn appt. until 3 days from now so I am a little bit on edge. It is great to have a forum to voice fears and be consoled. Thank you all.


STEFANIE - March 31

HI , I am 4 weeks pregnant. I am having the same pains as described above. I'm so nervous considering this is my first pregnancy. The pain is on my lower left side . Feels like my ovary. : (


ANGELICA415 - April 3

Hello, I am 7 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and i am also having the same lower left pains. I am kind of scared because i was reading about etopic pregnancies. I do not remember having this pain with my previous pregnancy.


slkd - April 9

I found this online: When we experience complaints that are similar to a pregnancy that previously resulted in miscarriage, we are rightfully concerned. Actually, this type of pain, in the absence of an ectopic, is probably very normal. It could well be a corpus luteum cyst that has persisted or a ligament which is stretching. If the uterus is retroverted, tipped towards your back, the ligaments are attempting to adjust to a new uterine position. The area next to the uterus is highly sensitive, rich in nerve fibers. Of course, all other complications should be ruled out such as appendicitis, ovarian pathology and ectopic (as you have done). We must never pa__s off this type of pain as normal unless we have evidence that it is not one of the rare complications of pregnancy.


K is frustrated - April 24

I am not sure if I am pregnant, it's to early to test. I am feeling the same pain in the lower left and I believe it is my ovary. It really only hurts during intercourse or when there is pressure on my belly. Has this happened with anyone else?


alison - April 28

It is too early for me to test about being pregnant. I am experienceing very sore nipples and a slight pain in my left side next to my hip bone. Anyone in early pregnancy have this problem?


Tasman Bay Butterfly - May 8

In your first trimester, you usually have a corpus luteum cyst on the ovary you released an egg from. This cyst makes hormones to support the pregnancy until your placenta grows enough to take over. In the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimesters, it can also be ligaments stretching and other things shifting around inside. Completely normal unless you're having severe pain. I'm going through that right now myself! Left side, too.


Tasman Bay Butterfly - May 8

Forgot to say pain often comes as the corpus luteum cyst is growing. Same with the ligaments and bowel. Hope this helps! Keep your chin up girls!


macawgirl - May 8

im really wondering too, i am 3 weeks late, got a negative blood test, had spotting day 5 6 and 7 late. i have sore b___bs and they got bigger, and the on and off cramping like you are gonna start, and i do have the pains on the left side like everyone is talking about. im not sure what to think now. i have a docs apt may 10th. im really wondering if i could be pg and test may be wrong?


Tasman Bay Butterfly - May 10

Mac, it may be too early to tell. Gonna have to wait a bit longer. Sometimes ppl go thru several negatives before they get a positive. It's torture, but hang in there!


brookbelle - June 8

I'm so glad I found this forum!! I too am experiencing this, a dull ache on my lower left side...kind of like when I ovulate, but a little worse. It comes and goes and is never too painful. Thanks to everyone for the info, I do feel better! Prayers to all us pg-ers! :)


lisadawn - June 17

It's so helpful to hear about the range of symptoms that other people are having. I'm only 3 weeks and having all sorts of cramping, pulling, shooting pains. For the last 24hrs I've been having right sided pain just above my pubic bone accompanied by what feels like menstrual cramps. no bleeding. The on call doctor wasn't concerned although might consider an early ultrasound next week. These posts are the only rea__surance. Anyone have right sided pain?


piximuse - July 9

I posted this message in one of the other threads, but as my pain is mostly localized to the left side, I thought I would post it here as well . . . thank you. I am in a quandry as I want to be pg so much, I have all of these symptoms, but resist taking the test for fear this is all in my head. I suffered an ectopic pregnancy in 2002 resulting in the loss of not just my fallopian tube (right side), but my ovary as well. With this history I am a little skiddish. I am over two weeks late on my period. I have lower left quandrant pain (sometimes it is dull, sometimes it is pinching, but it is nearly always there) & occasionally near the middle of my belly & even on my right side, a milky white discharge, my b___sts are tingly but not overly tender . . . and I've been nauseous every day for over a week. Sigh. Any rea__surance would be wonderful. Thanks.


Mom2B-08 - July 14

I feel so much better after looking at this forum. I was really getting worried... I guess the stress won't go away until I know everything is ok for sure... but at least I know I am not alone with this left sided cramping.


sjordan - July 16

Hi! I am 20 weeks pregnant and have had the same pain. I asked my doctor and she told me it was probably round-ligamanet pain. I only notice on my left side and can be quite painful. She told me that I could take Tylenol for the pain.



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