Pain In My Lower Left Side

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sjordan - July 16

Hi! I am 20 weeks pregnant and have had the same pain. I asked my doctor and she told me it was probably round-ligamanet pain. I only notice on my left side and can be quite painful. She told me that I could take Tylenol for the pain.


hbnash20 - August 14

i have the same pains in my lower abdomen, i mostly noticed them when i layed down or sat. It actually felt like it was in my groin area. I am only 4.25 weeks, i had a us today, it was the corpus luteum cyst just doing it's job, producing hormones. didn't get to see the sac though, tooo little. instead labwork for that.(hoping it will stay steadly increasing) or me at least now i can try and relax, it's just very annoying pain, but doc said not to worry. definaltely if it gets worse so see your doctor.


Sally12 - August 29

I'm 5 wks 3 dys, I've had ectopics previously (one in each tube and my right tube removed) and I am having the same left side pain being described by so many here. I never had pain like this early on with my previous ectopics, in fact during both ectopics I never knew I was pregnant until I after started bleeding. This time I've had extreme lethargy and emotions since week 3/4. I'm going to have an early scan so I guess I'll find out what's happening soon! I hope some of you can send an update of how you are getting on, thanks to you all for posting!


NovJan - November 16

I have constant pain in the lower abdominal area, which I have had for 7 days now. Today, my lower left side (ovary) started to hurt worse. Urine and bowel movements are normal. It doesn't burn when I pee. I've had some v____al discharge, but it doesn't smell. No fever. I'm constantly queasy, but no vomiting. I had unprotected s_x 11 days ago. The last day of my period was 17 days ago. It's too early for a pregnancy test, but I took one today anyways and it was negative. I saw that others are having a problem with their left side, so I wanted to see if anyone has gone through what I'm experiencing. Thanks!


sarahnoelle6824 - December 3

yes, i had it at 5 weeks and still do at 12 weeks


Gina32 - December 3

Hi. Actually taking a hot bath is fine, its hot tubs that are a no-no. A hot bath doesn't stay hot long enough to raise your body temp to where it can be harmful to the fetus. I know this because being a fan of long, hot bubble baths concerned me enough to ask my ob...she says its just fine!!! hope this helps!!


3_babies_at_41 - January 25

don't know if i'm pregnant; too early to test. been having some intermittent lower abdomen (not on my side) pain & lower backaches. haven't heard anyone mention this as early as the first couple of weeks, after possible conception. just wondering if it could b etopic pregnancy. already have 3 beautiful little babies, but I am still concerned.


mahea702 - January 27

I am actually here to hopefully get some answers...I am not yet sure if I am pregnant. I have been having reoccuring pains in the lower left side of my abdomin. My fiance'e and I have been having a hard time conceiving, I have been pregnant once before but lost the baby. That pregnancy was a shocker because I was raped when I was younger and was told that I couldn't get pregnant...Anyways, I am now afraid that something might be wrong...I have missed my period for this month and I am going to be setting up an appointment with my doctor to get this checked out...Any advice?


Precious - February 7

yeah it happen to me im 18 wks now but around that time it hurt but its nothing wrong. It might just be your muscles there stretching. dont worry if it continues tell your doc. Congrats and enjoy :-)


McJamie46 - February 12

Holy cow guys! Me too!! 5 weeks and very light ache like ovulating.... most of us are around the same time frame, 5 weeks... it has to be normal... anyone get updates from docs? Good luck, I think we just have to have faith and be positive!


ANGELICA415 - February 12

My update: Well i posted here a few months ago before i had my baby. and like you all i also had those pains. All i can say is that they last for about 2-3 weeks then they go away.. then at times come back for your first few months of pregnancy.. I was worried that something was wrong but hey I have a healthy 12 week old son.. I really do think its just something in your body that stretches and causes pain.. if you feel this pain dont worry it seems to be norman.. I never had that pain with my 1st son so i guess it just depends on the pregnancy.. like they say all pregnancies are not the same.. Anyhow i suggest when u fell that pain that you should crunch yourself worward a little bit and gently ma__sage the spot of where it hurts.. Oh and also when you feel like you are going to sneeze or cough crunch forward before you do so it will not hurt as much. Hope this helps some of you out. and best of luck on your pregnancies.


Deanna001 - February 24

Hi Ladies. I'm having the same slight pain, but mine is on the right. I just completed an insemination (IUI) last week (about 8 days ago). My period is due this coming Tuesday. Perhaps it's just PMS or related to the insemination. Has anyone experienced pain as early as 7-8 days after ovulation/insemination. Thanks. Deanna


charlieboy - February 26

I'm so glad to see that I'm not alone! I have this same pain in what feels like my left ovary. When I lay on my back I can feel it through my skin and feels a little tight and swollen. I can't feel anything on the right side though. I'm 13 days past ovulation and haven't gotten a + test yet. I never feel this when I'm about to get my period so I hope this means I'm pregnant and I've just tested too early. I've had other symptoms like enlarged b___sts, hard and sensitive nipples, and creamy discharge. No spotting or anything though. My luteal phase is usually only 11 days and it's been 12, so I'm wondering why I haven't gotten a + test yet since my period isn't here yet either. Has anyone had this experience with testing and then finally gotten a +?


Jane Doe - February 27 for me.. i have lower left pains too and also sometimes i have right pains too..waa..!! im seventeen and i have preg symptoms..hehe..if im preg could it b possible these are twins??hahaaha.. and if im not what could b causing this..? waa...ive been searching the net for this though.. so i'll b informative if i tell my mother what's wrong with me..wee..


Jezebel - February 28

generally pain in the lower left quadrant of your abdomen is gastrointestinal in nature, ie your colon.


lindsjean - March 13

hi ladies! I am feeling the same slight pain but it is in my right abdomen and in my right leg....



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