Pain In My Lower Left Side

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lindsjean - March 13

hi ladies! I am feeling the same slight pain but it is in my right abdomen and in my right leg....


hkenny - April 15

Hi ladies, I have had the same thing for a week or so, todays in on the right side, yesterday the left, the first few days it was across my stomach (under belly b___ton) i have had 5 negative hpt and jsut went for a blood test yesterday....waiting for the results


misty0858 - May 14

Not sure if I am pregnant guess its too early to tell.... this will be my second pregnancy and I don't remember the left side pain before..... i have the nausea and tiredness.... i also have a fibroid that is fairly large.... i am wondering if this is all in my head.... has anyone gotten pregnant with a large fibroid on the outside of the uterus


Taltexanna - May 18

Generally, if you don't have any spotting or fever a__sociated with abdominal pain, it's just the ligaments and muscles stretching to accommodate the growing uterus. If you think about how fast the baby grown, it's no real surprise that it kinda hurts. As for hot baths, you can take a hot-ish bath, but keep your body temp below 100 or so. If your core temp. goes much above that for an extended period of time, it could potentially cause problems with the baby's development. I'm at week 15 and I abdominal pain almost all the way through the first trimester and now I get pain in my lower left side particularly, but still have pain on both sides from time to time. It's usually just part of being pregnant. Yippee.


Claireee - June 30

Hey i just found out im pregnant nd im about 2/3 weeks pregnant i had a internal scan and they couldnt see anything but they kept me in over night turns out i only got a urin infection i got another scan on thursday just hope everything goes ok .. seeing what all u other girls are goin threw makes me less worry :) i get lil sharp pains in my lower left abdo wen i mostly get up nd walk around maybe its just were its all stretching and changeing !! gd luck 2 all the girls thoe yeah im sure every thing will be fine keep ur heads high :)


jcross414 - July 3

I called my doctor about this very thing today. He says isolated to the lower left hand side is where your bowels are and this is most offen due to constipation. He said try a stool softner to get some relief.


AdriBaby128 - June 20

I am 8 months pregnant and am having severe constant side pain for the past few hours. I've never felt this before, this is my first pregnancy. If anyone figures out what it is please post. I have a couple days before my next dr app and can't wait that long. Might make a visit to the hospital er if I don't figure out what it is, or it doesn't go away.


nessfresh - February 3

I had an ectopic pg in the past. I'm pregnant now at 5 weeks and my HCG levels are doubling appropriately but I have this strange stabbing on and off pain on my left side only. It's too early to see anything on a US. Anyone have any history like this or any advice?


MoMMyoF2BOYS-- - April 27

yea, i am 6 months preggo && i was really concerned at first bc it hurts so bad && it is on && off so i called my OB && they said it was my body just getting ready for delivery && she recommened tylenol extra strength && a heating pad...i wish it would go away already!! lol


ann_stasia - May 23

I also experience the same thing. 17 weeks pregnancy and feel lower left side pain like cramping, bloating, and it relief after I pa__s gas or stool. But only for 5-10 min. Hard sudden pain especially after I wake up I'm the morning, stand up from long sit.. I think it is because of colon or constipation that we usually experience during pregnancy. I told my doctor that I had pain there... but she just ignored it. So just consider it as normal


tinkerbell609 - August 9

no do NOT take a hot bath it is dangerous! A mildly warm bath is ok but not hot.


1plus1equals3 - August 11

Im pretty sure what your going thru is implantation, or stretching of your ligaments. im now 26 weeks pregnant and i remember going thru the same thing. hope this helps!!


ann_stasia - August 11

Nothing to be worried.. I hv pa__sed that phase :) was very in painfull when I was 25-26th till cannot lie on my right. My doc said it was bcoz of ur stomach is making space for ur baby to grow. Now I'm 28th.. n the pain is gone.. so don't be so worry... have fun with ur baby.


asha89 - November 21

hey every1 sum of u may no me sum may not.last time i was on here and i was 6 and half weeks pregnant.3 weeks ago i had a miscarraige.i am now due for my period in 3 b___bs started getting sore and skin changed to being very soft.these are all the symptoms i had with my first pregnancy,i took a digital clear blue test last night and i am now pregnant again!! im so excited!!! but 2day i have been having lower pain on my left side.does anyone know why this is? i didnt experiance this with my miscarraige.but i didnt listen to my body last time either.i thought it may be implantation pain,but i thought to have hcg ur bub wuld have already implanted.i just wanna know if this is normal or am i going to expierance another miscarraige..please help me. **baby dust**


bluejay1211 - December 5

Hi I'm about to be 25 and my husband and I are TTC 2 months. I ovulated on Nov 18th and so today is CD36 or 17DPO. I took a blood test at 13DPO and it was negative, but I still haven't gotten my AP yet! I am usually very consistent and since I've been charting I know exactly when I ovulated. Today (17DPO) I'm having slight pain on my lower right side...a type of pain Ive never felt before. Usually my AF cramps are in the middle and make me want to keel over. This is very slight. Am I pregnant?? I'm so confused by the blood test! Please some comments please!


mandycanchon - December 14

Have been having irregular periods didn't see it may of last year and it came june 15 didn't come for december and came january 13 now it didn't come november and still nothing yet took a pregnacy test it came out negative have all the symptons of a period but haven't seen it please tell me what u think.



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