Pain On Left Side Hcg Ok 6 Wks Pg

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negra_neurotica - February 13

so... ive read hundreds of similar cases like mine... but hereZz my story ne way... i only started feeling this slight pain ( on my left side) after my first u/s... which i had last week... they were able to see a yolk sac within the uterus... but no fetal pole or hb... at that point i waZz only 5w n 2d as per size of gestation sac.... but i waZz told it waZz stiLl t0o early to see the baby... my hcg levels were about 8,500... i had more blood drawn like 72 hrs later n my levels have doubled, a little over 19,000... which i have to admit, makes me feel a little better... stiLl... iam a little uneaZzy bc i havent had another u/s done and i dont know if thereZz a hb or if the fetal pole is visible... iam going thru major emotions... one day i reassure myself that iam ok cuZz iam not bleeding... but... idk... this lil pain on my left side is s0o uncomfortable and i cant help but think that somethingZz not right...


Mari26me - February 14

I had the same pain in my first trimester. It is probably your ligaments stretching. My pain was really sore too. It was from about 5 1/2 weeks to 8 weeks. This is very common in the first trimester. As long as you are not bleeding, you should be fine. Your levels look great.Try not too worry too much. :)


negra_neurotica - February 14

thanXx mari!!! =0]


earlena - February 15

i was told that my placenta was stretching and 2weeks later i was told that my placenta stopped stretching and my baby heart stopped and my baby died so make sure everything is ok


expectingbaby1 - February 16

okay horror stories like that are completely unnecessary to moms that are in fear. it only causes stress which can lead to a stressed out baby. anyway, i went through the same thing as well at about 10 weeks, and out of fear went and got checked and all that good stuff to find out it was a bladder infection! one heck of a hospital bill for a bladder infection! just keep updating your doctor on everything thats going on and if anything strikes them as somethin to be concerned about they'll check it all out! like mari said it can also easily be ligament pains and muscles stretching! hope that helps!



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