Pain Under Right Rib 4 Weeks

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Jo Weight - January 25

I am 4 weeks pregnant and for the last couple of days or so I have had this dull pain under my right rib (almost like a st_tch). I am obviously very paranoid as early in pregnancy and my first. The doc has checked it out and doesn't seem too concerned. Just told me to come back if it gets any worse. Has anyone else had a similar problem?


de - February 14



Carly - February 14

Yes, I am now 4 months pregnant and have been having pains under my right rib in the upper abdomen for a couple months now. I have these pains everyday and now it doesn't seem to matter what I eat or don't eat it hurts just the same. The doctors have done blood work to check my gall bladder, ultrasound on my gall bladder, and blood work on my pancreas. Nothing. Yet the pain is with me everyday mostly while sitting down. Lying down on my left side generally releaves the pain. My suggestion to you (if you may have whatever I do) is to start trying to find out what it is. This has been such a long road for me trying to get into a specialist to find out why I'm in pain.


Heather - February 14

Hey Ladies!! I have had this too I am 4 months along and I get more on the side but under ribs like something is poking me in the rib, and it bothers me to lay on my right side, but I already had my gall bladder out so mine is definitly not that. But sometimes my is on both sides.


Judith - February 15

I am 18 weeks pregnant and having also having a pain between 2 ribs just under my right b___st. When I lay down on my left side, it feels a bit better. Apparently light exercise (like yoga for expecting mothers) can heal it. I'm going to try that that. Will keep you informed.


cd3 - February 15

i had the same thing on christmas eve from then till now i had every preg symptom in the book i have only just found out i'm preg doc thinks i may be as far as 12 weeks i had a strange period on 12th dec and 7th jan i didnt get my 31st jan period so did a test and i was preg waiting for my scan to determine my dates and to find out why i had my periods i've had that pain a couple of times and i think it may be indegestion or heartburn


Preggo - February 15

I had this too around that time. It was a pulled muscle from laying on my left side so much at night. I started changing my position when I slept and it went away. I guess its the growth of the uterus pulling downward when on your left side continuiosly . I now sleep propped up and switch from side to side and find I sleep better. Oh .. I'm 34 wks now


Preggo - February 15

I had it around 4mths though ..


Tanna - February 17

I have actually been experiencing this pain under right ribs for a while. It has effected my exercising routine even. For a number of years I had a "popping" sensation in the same spot where I now just mainly experience the pain. When I mentioned it to my Dr. recently, because I am worried about whether or not it will worsen with pregnancy, he did tell me there is a joint there which seems to bother many women. It may even be artheritic. The only difference with mine is there is the occasional "pop". This should help you understand better what may be the issue.


lish - February 15

I may have the answer, i had to take a week off work to work it out so here goes! I have the pain you are all describing on the right side which shoots through to my back, it been ongoing and gettin worse. I had all tests done - nothing came up to do with Gall Bladder, Liver, Kidneys. A Specialist at the hospital said i had 'inflammed bottom ribs on the right side' and flippantly told me to take Naprogesic (the active ingredient being Napsoxan) - without explaining the risks (it is an anti inflammatory) Im not taking it as it can cause a closure of the 'foetal Ductus Arterious' basically if taken in the last trimester frequently can cause the babies heart problems (a duct closing?) On further investigation i have found that all you need is Physio on your 'Therasic Spine' to get it moving and be spoken to about posture..I am hoping that this works next week - i feel your pain ladies..Say no to the easy 'popping a pill' solution and seek out your options...


shariah_rose - August 14

im having these really bad pains and im only 2 weeks pregnant, its really bad and the doctors wont do anything about it, it just gets worse i dont know whats hapenning :(


pixiebee - August 17

This rib/back pain is definitely not heartburn or indigestion. My symptoms are very similar to the others described in this forum:Pain just under b___st that wraps around or is almost exactly diagonal to pain in back. The pain area is not large, it is about the size of a grapefruit. It is like a muscle type pain, it is seems to get better depending on your position, but no one position is sure to not cause the pain. I'm gonna ask my OB when I see her but I am glad I'm not alone in feeling this.


blossom423 - January 30

I just wanted to write this for anyone out there that may have had the same symptoms as me. From about 12 weeks of pregnancy I started to feel a pain by my upper right rib like something was pushing out just under and out at the tip. This was also very sore when standing, sitting eating and also when lying on my right side. Now that I am just pa__sed 22 weeks it is even more sore now and I find that a cold ice block/pack helps when applied for about 20min, this and stretching. Whatever is pushing up there also gets tingly like the blood supply has been cut off, and sometimes when it's really sore if I just touch it "spasims". It seems to affect my back too, I get a sore muscle pain in the same place of my back on days that it is really bad. Apparently my doctor has told me that it looks like the muscle tissue has torn and is probably causing a hernia, but it is definitely not my gallbladder or anything. But I don't know... it isn't quite the same as the hernia symptoms and hoping that this goes by the time baby has arrived. I also find that doing pilates helps ease the pain, it's not every second of the day that I get this, but find it does flare up when I sit for too long. So I feel it for anyone out there that is going through the same thing, you are not alone. Just one of these things we have to go through a pray it goes after baby is born.


Colla - March 1

Hi Ladies, 

 I've been having the same pain you are all describing. It's a sore feeling, and mostly when I twist and turn. It almost feels like I have to stretch or crack something but it hurts to try. I don't know if I'm pregnant, currently my period is 3 days late. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a few months now, but I haven't taken a test yet because I'm worried it's too soon. I wake up with heartburn almost every morning, some nausea but I haven't vomited, and my stomach has been on the fritz the past couple of days. I don't eat much due to the heartburn, and what I do eat is usually pretty plain. My nipples are sensitive, but I don't think I'd describe my breasts as sore necessarily. And the tip of my tongue feels weird, and alters the taste of things at times. I've been trying to figure out if i have symptoms or im imagining things lol. Any input would be appreciated. 



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