Panic Attacks

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KaylynnzMom - May 16

I am 24 weeks pregnant with my first child. I started having really bad panic attacks about 2 years ago, but hadn't had one since I got pregnant until last night. My hubby and I had got into an argument so I had been crying for a good 5 or 10 minutes when I started feeling really dizzy....The next thing I remember is waking up on the floor having a horrible panic attack. Any advice on what to do about bad panic attacks while I'm pregnant?


sa__sifras - May 18

Talk to your dr about meds. I took Paxil for panic attacks, but I dont know if its safe during pregnancy. I now take zoloft and have no anxiety what so ever. I started it at the second tri and couldnt feel better. Good luck, you are not alone!


venus_in_scorpio - May 24

theres definitely things you can take during your stage in pregnancy. the doctor will be more than accommodating. I used to take xanax but i had to stop when Igot pg... so i know what youre going through. good luck


BaByHavinAbABy - June 15

I hate those!! Talk to you doc about Xanax...its what i took (not while i was pregnant so im not sure) but it really helped! ive had them for as long as i was can remember...heres some strategies...listen to nice calming music with no lyrics (rainforest, ocean, zen etc.) take a warm bath...and just breathe...remember that this panick attack is not going to last forever. And also think about what brings on panick attacks..try to avoid them especially when ur pregnant. xanax helped me, because i dont need to take it anymore..and i dont have them anymore, i think its been like a year and a half since i have had one which is good since i used to have them almost every day. Tell your husband you need his support when your having a panick attack, even if you guys are fighting ask him to put it to the side for five to ten minutes (dont tell him this while ur having one obviously) but it might help knowing that whatever you guys were fighting about isnt that important, and that he can still take care of you when u need him the most. Ask him to rub your back up and dowm slowly. That helped for me! Good luck!!



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