Paranoid Over Aches After A Previous Miscarriage HELP

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Missie - March 24

I had a miscarriage last July, and had to have a D&E. We are now right at 15 weeks pregnant. I can't help but be paranoid over every twinge and ache. I check the paper every time I use the restroom and I am constantly worried. We had a healthy ultrasound at 10 weeks 2 days and the heartrate was 169. However I have had some pretty severe lower back aches and my appet_te hasn't increased that much. I have had no bleeding and only slight lower abdominal cramping. I just worry constantly that the baby will just stop developing and I won't know about it. Last time the baby had been gone for at least a month before I had any brown discharge, but no bleeding. ANd I had a really tough time with the surgery, as I coded coming out of the anesthesia. Plus I had an allergic reaction to the morphine they gave me for pain. I'm really scared and would just really like to hear from someone who has had overwhelming anxiety. Thanks


Louise - March 25

I do not have any advice except to say that I also had a miscarriage last year and am now in the 17th week of a healthy pregnancy. During the first trimester I was scared everyday and tried a lot of meditation and positive affirmations to get my mind off the worries. Now I am much more relaxed, but still checking the toilet paper every single time. When I get any type of slight ache or pain the old fear returns. It has actually helped me to go on a lot of these pregnancy sites and read about other women who are or have experienced the same aches and pains during a perfectly healthy pregnancy. Even though I feel the worry is legitimate after a miscarriage, I constantly try and remind myself that, regardless of what is taking place in my body, positive thoughts opposed to negative thinking will be much healthier for the baby. I say that as much to remind myself as for you. Let's both take care and remember to breathe deeply:)


Phoebe - March 25

Missie... Thats scary about the coding after surgery... Even though you probably wasn't able to tell, it would still be scary hearing about it afterwards. I am right there with you about worrying though... I had a mc and a sb, so every twing makes me scared. Only the movement of my baby rea__sures me. At 8 weeks I was having horrible pains for 2 weeks, an was at the doctor whining all the time... but all is well on 154 more days to go. Pains are just the uterus growing...


Jessie - April 4

Wow, Missie, I really feel your pain. I had a miscarriage last September, and I also had a D&C and now we are at about 9 weeks pregnant and in two days I will have my first prenatal check-up. I have taken 3 home preganacy test (all positive) and every time my stomach makes a sound or if I feel a pain, I go crazy with fear and I start praying, and I also walk around feeling my b___st for a sensitivity check. I think I have hit the brink of paranoia and I have pa__sed it on to the baby's father ( he won't touch if you get my meaning), but in two days I will see my doctor and see what can be done to try and get some earlier warning signs, if at all possible. I do know that for now all I can do is take it one day at time, try to control my fears and try to provide my baby with the best environment for development as possible. I wish you the best of luck.



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