Pelvic Pain Anyone

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candy - May 11

i will roll over in bed and my pelvic bone hurts a lil...and when i get up from sleepin or sittin for a while it feels stiff and hurts a lil too...ive had a 9 lb baby a yr ago so i am wonderin if that would have somethin to do with it....anyone else feel dont hurt all the time just then...oh and when i lift a leg to put it in to pants or shorts without stablizing myself......what yall think.....


Mel - May 19

I have the same problem, but my pain is pretty constant. My doctor said it is just the ligaments stretching. I had a 7 1/2 pound baby a year ago as well, so it could be that....I never seem to get strait answers from people. They just say oh it's all part of the pregnancy.


Jodie - May 30

I had the same problem with my last and am having the same problem this time. there is a medical term for it, although i cant think of it at the moment, but i had to go to physio and my doctor said that when youre pregnant ligaments and muscles relax due to hormones and what is causing the pain is the two bones that make up your pelvis rubbing together. The physiotherapist gave me exercises to strengthen my stomach muscles, 2 different support belts to wear and taught me how to roll over in bed without pain. Roll over with your knees underneath you and dont roll on your back roll the other way, yes its annoying rolling that way but it doesnt hurt, they also showed me ways to sit down and stand up without pain but i cant remember. You should talk to your doctor about it


Ebony - June 20

Yes Candy, I have the same thing. If I lift a leg to wash in the shower, sit for long periods of time and when I change position during the night. It started out really mild around my 6th month now that I’m 34 weeks it’s progressed to severe pain, I’m guessing some of this is due to the weight of the baby. I thought I was the only one. I spoke with my doctor and she rea__sured me that everything was fine. However, I can’t expect relief until the baby is born.


Christina - June 20

I am a first timer and I have the same pain, except mind hurts really bad. I am almost 30 weeks and doc said it is just ligaments stretching.


Kylie - June 20

Hey. I'm experiencing the exact same thing. It hurts when I toss and turn in bed at night, which I do often because I'm so uncomfortable. I also have trouble getting the pants on in the morning after my shower. It's hard to lift up my legs without a lot of discomfort. I guess it's just a natural part of the third trimester, and the body preparing it'self for the delivery of the baby.


KH - June 20

I'm pretty sure this is round ligament pain. anyone else agree?


Christina - June 21

Yes, I agree, that is what my doctor told me.


kate - June 22

I've had the same problem. The midwife said it was SPD or something like that. Your hormones are making your ligaments stretch. I always find it is much worse when I've been exercising, especially swimming, so I think that is a perfect reason to do nothing apart from sit out in the garden and relax as much as possible!! I know how you all feel though, it is absolute agony, esp at night, I get it all in my hips, thighs, pubic bone and back and no position feels comfortable. I have heard that if it gets really severe you should be referred to a physio.


eugene duroha - June 23

The illness is called PUBIC SYMPHYSEAL DIASTASIS Look it up in more detail on the web. [email protected]


Ebony - June 23

My doctor explained that the pelvic bone is normally very ridged and sturdy, but during pregnancy the hormone relaxin causes the joints to become relaxed so the baby can descend into the pelvis. So the pain that many of us feel is actually the pelvis bones rubbing together. You may often hear a grinding or slicking sound. I’ve alleviated some of my pain during the night my sleeping with a pillow between my legs. And if I have to change position during the night it helps to keep your legs closed tightly when turning from side to side. It seems simple but I can’t tell you how much my pain has improved during the night since I started this. This is my first baby as well I've been dealing with this pain for a few months trust me it gets worse as the baby get larger.


Tess - June 27

I am 33 weeks preg (second pregnancy) and have also been having pelvic pain - for the last 2 wks. My ob said that its because the baby is lying low and causing this extra pressure on my bladder and cervix.


rachy - June 27

i am having a pain in my pelvis well just inside its like a discomfort my af is due on saturday 2nd july this pain is to one side more thsn anything no sickness yet or anything else but a very faint positive test i mean very faint you had to look hard to see it what do you recomend i do?


sheridan - June 27

i am having the same pain. I have 6yr old twins and a 4 yr old (who was 8lb6oz) at birth and I didn't experience this pain with either of their pregnancys. getting out of bed and rolling over are killers getting out of a chair hurts too. I am now 34 wks. My doctor told me early in the pregnancy that muscle and ligament pains are more common the more pregnancies you have


Molly's Mommy - July 1

I left a message on the groin pain forum. Try water therapy for spd/pelvic pain. It works wonders!


melissa - July 5

I just started feeling discomfort in my pelvic area. I'm only 16wks, but also have large 10-15lb. tumors. Does the general weight have something to do with it?


d - July 6

i have the same problem. my doctor told me it was normal to feel pain when changing positions. the book "what to expect when your expecting" said the same thing. i wouldnt worry but just tell your ob in case



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