Pelvic Pain May Mean Sooner Delivery

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Lacey - September 12

I complained abouit the bad pelvic floor pain I have been having to my dr. I'm 34 weeks, and he says it may mean I could go into labour a bit early. He say generally when a woman experiences alot of pelvic pain she will have her baby a little sooner. Anyone have experience here??? I should would like to get this baby out... I can barely walk!


Cindy - September 12

Oh my gosh i asked almost the same question friday but no one has answered my question. I have really bad pains in my v____a it feels like both the muscles and the bones are hurting like hell. And like you sometimes it hurts so bad that i can barely walk. And im getting scared cause its been hurting basically everyday for almost 2 weeks. But i wont see my ob gyn till this thursday. So are you feeling the same as me? I am also 34 weeks as well lol how weird.


chel - September 13

I'm 34 weeks also! I, too, am having this pelvic pressure. I so want this baby out. I can barely walk. It's also really bad at night when I've been laying down and go to get up. It's just so sore and achey. Hopefully we all wil not have to wait much longer.


Lacey - September 13

Exactly the same Cindy! It's so nice to know I am not the only one. I'm to the point that I'd rather sit in the hospital with a premature baby than be pregnant anymore(provided the baby would be ok). Chel, I can completely relate to the night pain too... Its so brutal... Now if only someone that has had this same pain and had the baby, could let us know when they delivered!


To All - September 19

You could go sooner, but the pelvic pain doesn't mean you will. That's a good thing because anything before 38 weeks is much too soon. Do a search for Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. That might be why you're having the pelvic pain.Some pain is normal, but SPD goes beyond that.


melissa - September 19

i have had those "pelvic pains" that you all are talking about since around the same time (34w) i am now 38w4d and still have the pain. it starts to hurt me more when im lying in one spot for a little while and then having to get up really sorry this may come out weird but its the only way to describe it...but it feels like someone punched me over and over and over and over directly on my v____a...but you should look at spd and talk to your doc about it b/c there is no real "cure" for it but when you go into labor you need to let someone know you have it b/c you will probably wind up delivering on all is not well studied in the states but you dr. should know what you are talking about when you ask about spd...hope this helps everyone and good luck with all of your babies!


melissa - September 19

oh and p.s. since i am 38w4d it does not nessecarliy mean you will deliver early...


Cindy - September 20

lacey... I went to my doctors last week and she checked me down there for my pelvic pains and she said that i have a thinned cervix and what it is is basically the baby is further down then hes supposed to be and she told me to stay off of my feet as much as possible. No houecleaning, shopping, nothing. Cause if i do too much then i will go into labor early. But if i stay off of my feet its not gauranteed that ill make it to 40 weeks but atleast ill make it past 36 weeks (which i only have like a half a week till im 36 weeks). And she said once im 36 weeks the baby will be alright if born


Lacey - September 20

Thanks for all the replies. It's too bad we are alI in pain but I am glad to know I am not the only one.


Rooha - October 2

am also getting this pelvic floor pain but i use to think it was very strange,and it get extremly bad when taking trips to the loo at night b/c of getting up over an over again, me being 36wks i think we'll make it to the not to worry ladies an try to relax as much as possible thats all i have learned being it my first pregnancy.


Ashlie - October 2

Oh thank goodness I am not alone, lol. My pelvic hurts BAD, especially when walking. It feels like it is broke and when I have BH it feels like someone is pulling my crotch apart. I see my doc on Wedn. and am going to ask her. 36wks and counting.... (with 2nd baby)


euka - October 6

I've had the same problem ladies... walking like i'm 100 years old, thinking I was going to crack in half and that something was wrong... that's been going on for weeks, now, i'm due in 3 days and Dr thinks it'll be longer than that, so if you're worried, talk to your Dr, but this pain does not usually signal impending birth, it's your ligaments loosening up and your muscles trying to make up for it.


kylie - October 11

I didn't realise so many women have the same problem, i thought i was alone.


kylie - October 11

I didn't realise so many women have the same problem, i thought i was alone. i Have been suffering from the same pain since i was 30weeks. I have seen the physiotherapist about it and she gave me one of those support belts, it's not very effectiveand i have soon learnt that there isnothing you can really do about it. I am 36weeks now and i just wanna get the baby out, mt pelvic pain is so bad i can hardly walk and it is now effecting both my left and right groin tremendously, i cant oush my legs together properly. I also know how you feel when it comes to sleeping, it is impossobile to roll over and even harder to get up to go to the loo. Does anybody else actually feel their pelvis pull and click??


Mommy2Boys - January 5

I have this pain as well, these posts are old, but just to let you know it's called Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. It's where the pregnancy hormones are trying to soften and relax your pelvic area, preparing for birth. Some women experiance pain because their bodies are misaligned and the softening of the pubic area becomes inflamed or more sensitive, even sore. The best thing to do is go to a chiropractor and get yourself aligned. Most doctors just tell you that this is normal and to wait it out...but there is relief! Google it!


sammajo - March 10

I am 33 weeks along, I have been having this same pain for a couple weeks, it seems to be getting worse and worse everyday. The doctors dont seem concerned about it, even though I cannot walk (and for work, I have to constantly be on my feet) basically the dr said, your pregnant- it happens, tough it out, theres nothing you can do for it. I have two other kids, neither of those pregnancies I felt like this at all. Its good to be able to get some advice from some people who have also experienced this!


LadyLucyLoo - April 26

I am 3 days away from being 36 weeks pregnant. I have also had this pain since around 30 weeks. I am a stay at home mom with a 4 year old and a 20 month old, so I am on my feet practically all day. I mostly feel better after lying down on my side for a good bit. Though, by the end of the day I can hardly stand, my pelvic floor feels like it's being ripped apart. I also feel it in my lady parts as well. My OB didn't seem concerned. He said it was just what can happen after numerous pregnancies and being this far along. I was hoping to hear from someone post delivery. If they found they were still in pain.



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