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trishstar - October 28

I've been on my period for a long time, and what I meant was that it's been about 3months already. I'm beginning to wonder why is my period like this. I went to the doctors and asked. The doctor told me that if it's your first few years, then it's normal. But if you had your period for at least 3+ years, then there's something wrong. it was my 4th year having my period and this happened for the first time. Does anyone know why my period is like this? Also it's dripping like regular period but for 3 months. Please help :(


HeatherCoughenour - October 29

I have a couple of questions for you first because it could be a number of things. 1. how old are you? 2. have you ever been on birth control? I got my period when i was 9 1/2 years old and i am almost 23 now. I can tell you that i have had an irregular period since i started. Not every woman is the same and our bodies all ajust differently some even go months at a time with out it. The reason i ask these questions is because with my 1st marrige (too young) i decided to get on to depo the birth control shot so that we couldn't get pregnant. what happened to me was i had my period for 3 1/2 months straight, no cramps or anything but just blood. i also gainded 35 pounds in 3 months and still to this day haven't been able to loose it. Word to the wise don't use that kind of birth control. Another reason i ask is because i have a cousin who had her period so heavy she was changing her pad every 10-15 mins and i mean the overnighted ones. so the doctor she sees put her on the pill to regulate her peroid and slow it down. Either one of these or non at all could be the case for you. 9 times out of 10, you haven't had your period for very long so it could still be ajusting, but definitely see a doctor, and if you are not happy with the results, get a secong oppinon.



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