Period Pains No Blood And 6 Days Late

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jeyda - March 28

hi i am as confused as you.i have been experiencing bad cramps sore b___sts the lot.but no period.i am 2 days late


xainy - April 2

i am ahving period cramps for two days....but still no sign of ny periods and i hve sore b___sts i pregnant?


Boca32 - April 3

I am a 32 years old woman. My period has been always normal for me for many years. My problem is that I haven't had my period for the last 2 months. I'm not s_xually active for past 5 months, so I know I cannot be pregnant. But I took 6 home pregnacy tests every week just incase. All tests came negative. I thought about going to my Gyn, but also I current do not have a health insurance because I just changed to a new job. I've had no problems until now. What can be caused this issue? What weired about this is last month around my period time, I felt cramp for few days like I have my period. Can you please help me?


c - April 4

im 10 weeks pregnant, ive had period pain every day for the full 10 weeks, midwife says its normal and due to womb growing. feels exactly the same as when ur about to come on ur period, i was even wearing a sanitary towel for the first three weeks of my pregnancy, i was convinced it was my period, so everyone who is getting period pains, yes it is possible u are pregnant!


Tana - April 4

If i was you iwould do a pregnancy test because it sounds like you could be.


Jazz - April 4

I guess, I am not the only one...I took a First Response Test, and it was negative. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for the last two months. The test was negative and I am 3 days late. The thing is that I have a very regular cycle...I feel like I am going to get my period but nothing! I have nausea and have some back pain? Should I retest or wait?


nIKA - April 6



Lindsay - April 6

As of today, I am 6 days late. I am NEVER late, well, except when I was pregnant with my son. (lol) I took a test on the 2nd, but it was neg. My sister, an OB nurse, said the hormone levels in my body were probably not strong enough to be picked up by a home test. I am waiting on a nurse to call me back from my Dr.'s office to answer some of my questions. If I think anything she tells me will help, I will post it in here. I would also like to know the outcome of some of you that posted in here! my email is or just post in here. :)


rebecca - April 8

You definitely could be pregnant. Do a home test, I reckon the Crystal Clear tests are the best. Can someone help me? I had a miscarriage just over 4 weeks ago and I had to have a curette done. I am expecting my period any time now but yesterday I did a home test and it showed a slight line which means I may be pregnant. My question is how can I tell if it is hcg level from my last pregnancy or if I am actuallyb pregnant. Has anyone had this problem?


Lindsay - April 10

Well, I started my period yesterday :( I am ok with this, as I have my life in Gods hands and know that perfection comes in His timing! Good luck to all and blessings to you and your families!!!!!


Becky - April 13

Hi. I wish someone would help me too. My period is normally like clockwork. I am 8 days late. I took a test & it was negative. Still no period. I am going to retest in a few days. What is going on??


Kim - April 14

Hi, i dont really have an answer, but i have a similar situation. I am 9 days late now. Ive been on the pill for 5 years, so i get my period like clockwork. I never really take the pill when im supposed to, i screw it up alot, but i always get my period. This month, it never came. I took a home test 3 days after, a blood test on day 4, a home test on days 5 and 6, and i just took another home test this morning, day 9. I had a little cramping the first few days, but no tenderness in my b___sts. I have noticed that my sense of smell has increased. People keep tellinig me that im not pregnant, and to just forget about it, but ive NEVER missed a period in the 11 years that ive had it. Should i wait still? and if so, how much longer?:-/


Angie - April 16

Hi, I am too 6 days late me and my partner have only just started trying for a baby, but my period is late i am urinating alot feeling very sick in the mornings and having cramps like i'm going to come on. I took 3 tests all showing neg. But i'm getting more and more concerned now. Can someone help ?


Alexandria - April 16

I don't have an answer I have a question. I am only about 2 days late, I have all the symtoms of staring my period but I'm not on. I'm 14 years old and freaking out. I don't know if I should tell my mom cause she would flip. Me and my boyfreind just broke up because he is scared that I am pregnant. I too, have cramps, sore b___st and am scared out of my mind. I don't know what to do. Should I tell my mom and lose all her trust or go behind her back and take a test?


Emily - April 18

Like eveyone here, my period is late by a couple of days. I have all the signs that I'm about to start my period (bloating, sore back, cramps) and sometimes I even feel like I've started it. I took a hpt yesterday and it was negative. Today I had some light spotting but it only lasted a couple minutes. Lately I've been super sensitive of food smells and some just make me queesy... How accurate are hpt? is it possible that I could still be pregnant?


Sarah - April 19

Hi am 5 day late experiencing period pains, sore b___sts and back ache, feel like i'm going to come on any minute, did a clearblue test this morning and it was positive... not going to get to excited until i have it confirmed by the doctor.. but i am on top of the world at the moment... also i've been trying for two years so you can imagine how i must be feeling.. goodluck to will happen soon!



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